Sunday, October 22, 2023

Case of the Great Waffle Wagon Hijack


WAFFLES:  Do you ever get that feeling someone's watching you?

ELLIE:  I can't even see you, Mr. Waffles. How can I be watching you?

WAFFLES:  I can see YOU, Ellie. And I know you're watching me. I wouldn't be surprised if you try and hijack my Waffle Wagon.

ELLIE:  Hijack?

ELLIE:  What's a hijack? I like sitting up here really high and stuff. But my name's not Jack. It's Ellie.

WAFFLES:  Hijack is you trying to steal my Waffle Wagon. I've got your number, Ellie. 

ELLIE:  What's my number, Mr. Waffles? I kind of like four. Or maybe two. Yeah, two. Like you and me–

WAFFLES:  Not that kind of number, Ellie. 

About Today's Photos

Despite the license plate, Ellie has no trouble claiming the Waffle Wagon as her own. 

Well, she may ask nicely first. But once the pleasantries are out of the way, she moves in.

Her favorite hangout is on to of the bonnet. Probably because Waffles is far too large for that maneuver. 

There's no way he could ever balance on the handlebar! But delicate Ellie has no problem at all. She's even put a small toy inside the cupholder for safe keeping.


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