Sunday, January 8, 2023

Ski Like a CatGirl

Glogirly wants to thank our dear friends and readers for their well wishes over the past week. Nurse Ellie and Dr. Waffles have been hard at work helping their girl recover from her New Years Bronchitis. And they are pleased to report that after nearly two weeks, Glogirly is feeling like herself again. So much so that she's planning on strapping on her skis again.

Shortly before she got sick, her bestest CatGirl friend from Kansas, Lisa, came out to Colorado for a visit. Glogirly's been working on convincing to get out and ski with her for over a year now. And after a THIRTY year hiatus, Lisa braved the ski slopes! We thought you'd enjoy a couple of photos and quick video from one of their days out at our local ski area, Eldora Mountain Resort.

Lisa and her ski instructor are on the chairlift right behind Glogirly. After a 3 hour lesson and some increasing winds and crowds, the two catgirls called it a day and went back to the mountain house to nurse their sore muscles and celebrate Christmas.

The day after Christmas, they were back at it! It was a beautiful day and they had a great time practicing what the instructor shared with them and skiing just for fun. 

Glogirly is SO proud of her friend! It's not easy getting on skis after three decades and Lisa made it look easy!

Now for the Important Stuff

Ok, we know why you really come here! Here's a cute-overload photo of the real stars of the show.


  1. Yep, they are adorable! And it looks like Waffles has a white beard! I never noticed that before.

  2. Wow, what fun!
    Glad Glogirly is feeling so much better.
    And yes, you two are adorable, all snuggled up or is it down?? MOL!

  3. You have now made the woman want to go out and visit you just to ski (and yes, her surgeon had cleared her to do that next year!) Unfortunately, we fear you'd never get rid of her...

  4. We're so glad you're feeling better and well done to Lisa. Waffles & Ellie you're both gorgeous as ever.x😻♥️🐾

  5. Always admire anyone who enjoys snow and cold!

  6. Hope your feeling better. Always love seeing your kitties.

  7. So glad you are feeling better! The video/photos were great! I'm so clumsy I could never ski. I have great upper body strength (I was a swimmer/particularly freestyle), but awful leg strength. I'm better in water (not land), like a whale lol

  8. I'm glad that Glogirly is feeling better. It looks like you had some nice weather for skiing.

  9. So glad that Miss GloGirly is feeling better. Just don't overdo. We have no snow on the ground here. Mum says that is just fine with her.


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