Sunday, January 15, 2023

Six Years Ago Today - We're Mountain Cats!!!

Exactly six years ago today, Glogirly loaded up the SUV with suitcases, bags, Katie & Waffles, and a whole lot of cat food. With Minneapolis in the rearview mirror, she headed west to what would become our new forever home nestled in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. 

For nearly four long years, Gloman trekked back and forth between MN and CO to visit his girl and the kitties. Then finally in late 2020, he put Minneapolis in the rear view mirror as well. 

Much has happened since that first long drive. So many wonderful memories and adventures. Smiles, laughter, wildlife peering in the windows, FedEx and UPS trucks stuck in the driveway snow. Tears too. Especially when we had to say goodbye to our dear Katie. And great joy as we welcomed Ellie into our family.

We thought you might enjoy one of Katie and Waffles' first conversations just after we arrived in Colorado. 

WAFFLES:  Uh, Boss...the neighbors are here. They're staring at me.

KATIE:  Well for Cod's sake, don't let them in. We have no idea who or even what they are. Now get out of the window. You don't want to encourage them.

WAFFLES:  Maybe they need some encouragement. You can do it, funny looking neighbors! You can do it!

KATIE:  If they ring the doorbell, I'm SO under the bed. 

WAFFLES:  They're coming closer, Boss!

KATIE: Oh wait... there IS no bed. All we have is this flimsy sleeping bag. 

About Today's Photos 
So where exactly are Katie & Waffles???

A bunch of you guessed and a couple of you even got it right. We're in Colorado! High up in the mountains at 8,333 feet.  ...that's a LOT of feet!

So you're probably wondering what we're doing in Colorado, besides spying on the funny looking neighbors and napping in sleeping bags. Well the big news is...we bought a house in the mountains.

WAFFLES:  Wait. What???

Think of it like a cabin. So now we're not only Minneapolis Cats, we're Colorado Cats too -  Mountain Cats!

We're waiting for the moving truck to arrive. It still hasn't made it down our super steep driveway, but we hear tomorrow is the big day. And there'll be untold numbers of...wait for it...BOXES!


  1. What a wonderful day to remember great to look back.x😻💗🐾

  2. Bet those early days were a great adventure for you Waffles!
    What cat would not be excited for lots of boxes!!!!
    Purrs, Julie

  3. Such a lovely home you have, and am sure Glogirly and Gloman have never looked back.

  4. We are so happy you moved to Colorado 6 years ago! New adventures, and stories and a beautiful landscape for photos!!! We mis dear Katie, and we celebrate Ellie. Concatulations on all being together, and looking forward to the year ahead in blog posts!!

  5. Wow, mhat was a momentous and mountainous transition!
    Happy Move-aversary!!

  6. I can't believe it has been SIX YEARS already!!!! That's crazy!! One of the best decisions you have ever made was to move there!

  7. Wow, it's been six whole years??? WE remember this like it was yesterday. What special memories! XO


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