Sunday, May 15, 2022

Ellie the Snake Charmer


ELLIE:  Hey Mr. Waffles! Have you met my friend, Mr. Snake?

WAFFLES:  You do realize that's a SNAKE, right? A slithering, slippery, snakey thing with a tongue that sticks out.

ELLIE:  He's not slippery, Mr. Waffles. He's kind of furry. And pink.

WAFFLES:  Well you better look out, Ellie. He might jump you if you're not careful.

ELLIE:  There, there, Mr. Snake. You're not going to jump are you?

WAFFLES:  I don't know, Ellie. It kind of looks like he's jumping. 

ELLIE:  Is he ok, Mr. Waffles?

WAFFLES:  I don't think he's moving.

ELLIE:  Don't worry, Mr. Snake. I'll make it better.

About Today's Photos

Mr. Snake was one of the many fun toys we've received in our monthly CatLadyBox. He's one of Ellie's all time favorites. 

And once he became Ellie's favorite, that automatically made him one of Waffles' favorites too. When Ellie was a teeny tiny kitten, she would copy EVERYTHING that Waffles did. We think it was how she learned to use the scratcher, sleep in the bed with everyone, and enjoy lots of lap love. Now that she's grown up a bit, it's Waffles who has become a copycat. We catch him observing little things she does, and then doing exactly the same. He's even started drinking more water, in part we think because Ellie is such a good water drinker.  


  1. Love to see them together. I have 4 cats and I so enjoy their interactions.

  2. I love hearing about the dynamics between Ellie and Waffles. And the copycat thing... that's how Binga learned how to walk on the leash here - from me.

  3. That was adorable -- and so funny!!! 💕💕💕

  4. That snake is going to learn what kitties will do to him...LOL! What a set of sweet pictures!

  5. We just love your pink snake and always love looking at photos of you both so gorgous.xx

  6. Looks like a fun thing to play with. Glad Ellie is teaching Waff a few lessons!

  7. be careful he doesn't steal your snake Ellie

  8. Never turn your back on a snake, kitties!
    Even a pink one cannot be trusted...give 'em the bitey instead!

  9. Sounds like you're both picking up some good habits from each other - lovely!


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