Sunday, April 3, 2022

The Cats at Work While Their Girl Skis

ELLIE:  Hey, Mr. Waffles! Is it time to go back to work yet? I don't want to be late. 

WAFFLES:  Yeah, I'm a little busy, Ellie. Too busy for work.

ELLIE:  But how will Gloman get any of his work done without us?! We're his purrsonal office assistants, you know. 

WAFFLES:  I'm sure he'll manage. Besides, what do you actually do all day in the office? Don't you just sleep?

ELLIE:  Well yeah, but still. He needs me. 

About Today's Photos & Glogirly's Latest Skiing Update

Sweet Ellie is THE most devoted office assistant ever. Gloman has been working full time from our home office ever since last year and Ellie has yet to miss a day of work. In fact, even on the weekends, she can be found in the office chair waiting for him. 

Waffles is more of a fair-weather office assistant. He often joins Ellie and Gloman, but is quick to take catnip break in the bedroom sun puddles. 

Today's photos have both Ellie and Waffles hanging out in the bedroom, slacking from their daily duties. haha!

Meanwhile on the Slopes...

While the kitties and Gloman are hard at work, Glogirly continues to abandon everyone while she races off to the local ski area. Eldora Mountain Resort has become her home away from home. 

Last week was the final week of the season for Ignite Adaptive Sports, the organization she volunteers with as an Assistant Alpine Ski Instructor. It's been such a great experience for her, she's already decided to continue with Ignite next season. 

She has skied with stroke survivors, a gentleman battling MS, and disabled veterans. Some have skied before, some are sliding down the snow for the first time. Of all the wonderful people she's had an opportunity to work with, one in particular stood out and will remain in her memories forever. 

Her name is Anita. She's a 65+ year old Navy veteran and a VERY skilled skier. Her happy place is out on the slopes, soaking in the sunshine and flying down the challenging black diamond runs. You'd never even think of her as being disabled. She can do just about anything anyone else can. Yet, she's blind. 

Imagine skiing down the steeps at 25-30 mph, trees on either side of you. Ok, now imagine doing that with your eyes closed. 

Left to Right: Glogirly, Anita, and Inge

Anita was a skilled skier before she lost her sight so she absolutely has the mechanics down. She only skis with guides and has developed an incredible ability to follow the sound of her guide's skis. 

Glogirly skied in the lead with Anita about 1-2 turns directly behind her. Another guide/instructor followed in the rear. The only verbal cue Glogirly would yell out was "stop" when they came up on an obstacle or dramatic change in terrain or pitch. The guide in the rear would yell "hard right" or "hard left" when Glogirly was turning off of a trail onto another run. Other than that, Anita was completely on her own, following the sound of Glogirly's skis and turns. The courage, confidence, and trust it must take is truly remarkable. 

Oh, and Anita likes to ski FAST. Glogirly had to put all of the knowledge and technique she's been working so hard on to work. It's the most challenging and focused she's been on her skis, EVER. Things like consistently sized turns, staying in the middle of the runs, away from other skiers, avoiding signs, trees...all kinds of things she takes for granted as a sighted skier. 

They all stopped at the top of Anita's favorite run and she positively giggled with a huge smile from ear to ear. She said how grateful she was for the day and how this was her perfect happy place. The feeling was absolutely mutual.

Here's a short video of the trio blazing down a black diamond run called Muleshoe - 


  1. Well, I think you two earned a day off after all those office duties!

  2. THAT was a pleasure to see! I am so glad that Anita has you as her guide.

  3. Office work can be so tiring!!! How cool that Anita can ski with guides.

  4. That is so amazing. We are so glad Glogirly found that group.

    Now back to work :)

  5. Bring joy to others is a wonderful gift!
    Glorgiry is doing it, and Ellie too, as Gloman works.
    Waffles...well, your handsomeness is enough *wink*

  6. Don't work too hard Ellie, take time to chill and stuff. So happy Glogirly is enjoying her volunteer stuff.

  7. Oh what fun! The woman feels so jealous!

  8. How wonderful for Anita! I'm sure she thoroughly enjoyed her time on the slopes. I can also imagine how nervous I'd be as her "eyes" while she skied!

  9. That ski stpory is amazing 0 and how amazing that that womanrefused to give up doing something she loved ! Glad there are people like GloGirly and the others to help her keep on with her dream.

  10. Awesome story what a wonder Anita is! Love those slackin' kitties today too.


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