Sunday, April 24, 2022

Happy Bedfellows Again

ELLIE:  Glogirly says it's hard to write our stories when we get along and stuff. She says that it's harder to make our friends laugh when we're, you know...cuddling and stuff. 

WAFFLES:  I'm sleeping, Ellie. That's my story. 

ELLIE:  But Mr. Waffles, don't you want to make a FUN story?

WAFFLES:  Sleeping IS fun, Ellie. Yawning, sleeping. Sleeping, yawning. You should try it sometime.

ELLIE:  But don't you ever get tired of sleeping, Mr. Waffles?

WAFFLES:  Tired of sleeping? Seriously? That doesn't make any sense, Ellie. Katie would have called me an oxymoron for saying that.

ELLIE:  Don't worry, Mr. Waffles. You're not a moron. Not even an oxy one.

Dental Surgery Update

Things are finally getting back to normal between Ellie and Waffles after their dental surgery saga. Both are eating like champs, enjoying treats, seeking out affection, and even playing. It took awhile for them to start napping and sleeping together, but all is well even on that front.

Sweet Ellie has had a mystery reaction to one of the drugs used during her oral surgery. That's what was making her feel icky last week. The reaction has presented itself dermatologically and she's got two fairly large rashes/wounds on each of her sides. She's under our very close watch, as well as our vets, and is doing super well as they begin to heal. The hardest part is putting salve on her patches three times a day. (we call her rashes patches.) She's been such a trooper and always seems to forgive us, even though it's not fun for her.

We'll keep you posted, as her patches will take few months to heal. But please know she is doing wonderfully and has returned to her sweet, energetic, and affectionate little self. We're checking in regularly with our vet as well. It's quite possible Ellie is their new favorite kitty patient. ...but don't tell Waffles!


  1. Ahhh, togetherness once again.

    That must have been awful for poor Ellie to have to suffer that bad reaction. Glad that its healing up with care and meds.

  2. I'm sending Ellie lots of healing purrs - let's get those patches cleared up asap!

  3. Seriously, we can look at photos of Ellie and Waffles snuggling all day long!
    Sending purrs to help Ellie heal.

  4. We are all so glad to see that everyone is back to their normal cat napping activities. Ellie, we are so sorry that you had a bad reaction but we also know that you have excellent care in your Drs, Glogirly and Gloman. So we are not too, too worried about you. We are sending purrs of healing that your patches clear up sooner than expected!

  5. I was wondering… do you have to cover the areas on Ellie’s sides after applying medication? Mickey Mouser has a skin condition and I have to put him in a baby onesie. Poor guy! He does look cute.
    Hope she heals fast.

  6. I love these photos. They are so cute together. I hope she feels better soon.

  7. Squeee! You two are so cute! Sorry about the rash sweet Ellie, we're sending healing purrs your way.

  8. Waffles, we can look at pictures of you and Ellie and feel that IS a fun story !

  9. Well we are glad they are mostly back to normal

  10. Feel better Miss Ellie. Sorry you got a rash.


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