Sunday, April 17, 2022



ELLIE:  So Mr. Waffles? Did the Easter Bunny bring us these Peeps?

WAFFLES:  Yeah, I thought they'd be marshmallow Peeps, but they're just stuffed with a lot of nothing. What a ripoff. 

ELLIE:  Not even catnip??? 

WAFFLES:  Not even catnip. Maybe the Easter Bunny messed up and brought us DOG toys. 

ELLIE:  Well they're still kind of fun, Mr. Waffles. 

WAFFLES:  If you like DOG toys. 

WAFFLES:  Should I not like dog toys?

WAFFLES:  Well...are you a dog???

ELLIE:  Would that be wrong?

Happy Easter!

We hope all of our friends and readers who celebrate Easter had a wonderful holiday weekend! Ellie is still trying to figure out why her stuffed Peeps don't smell like catnip and Waffles is sulking over the lack of marshmallow filling. He's got a CRAZY attraction to Glogirly's marshmallows. Since they're not exactly one of his approved food groups, she has to keep them under lock and key.

Ellie and Waffles go in for their dental re-check at the vet Monday morning. Their recovery from all the extractions has been going well, though Ellie is looking like she doesn't feel well today. We're hoping to get to the bottom of that tomorrow. If you missed our blog post about the tooth fairy last week, you can check it out here.

We heard these Peeps toys came in both dog and cat versions. Despite the cat packaging, we're thinking something got mixed up in the Peep packaging factory. Hopefully Ellie and Waffles will learn to trust the Easter Bunny again. Especially since their trust of the tooth fairy has been tested this past week.

Speaking of the Easter Bunny...

There was an Easter Bunny sighting at the local ski area this past weekend. 


  1. What a bummer that the Peeps arrived sans catnip! Paws crossed that Ellie feels better soon.

  2. We buy a kiwi catnip that comes in a bag, and just roll the toys round in that. I wonder if you coukd buy some online for Waffles? Happy Easter everybuddy.

    Julie and poppyq

  3. Wait—they make toys that don’t smell like catnip? This is blasphemy! Ellie and Waffles tell Glogirly to put your peeps in a tub of catnip and let them sleep there for awhile….maybe then they will be Cat approved!
    And Waffles, we think you should stay out of Glorgirly’s marshmallow stash. That could be very messy, and might ruin your taste for the really yummy treats!

  4. Neighbors of ours have monster-sized Peeps on their porch, for their Easter decorations!
    Waffles, they are people-sized!

  5. Bummer about the peeps! Those were so cute!

  6. Poppy Q has the right idea - just put the Peeps in a container with some nip and leave 'em while Ellie & Waffles are napping. We hope they both check out ok at the stabby place and that Ellie is fine !

  7. This is such a funny post! Except for Ellie not feeling well :( I hope you feel better soon. Glogirly you Rock in those bunny eats!! Take care loves ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿฐ๐Ÿพ

  8. Those are so cute. I found a dog toy one but; the cats lay their head on it. LOL. Happy Easter.
    Sue B

  9. There are peepsball over the stores around here, too...maybe if your Mom is handy she can open a seam and put in some good catnip so that they'll be more fun for you two.

    POTP for Ellie, and get well, too. Hope the vet visit will be giving a good report.

  10. There is liquid catnip spray that would make little Miss Ellie very happy..Chewy sells it!!

  11. Our Tucker tried to eat an Easter peep once. Thanks for the memory.

  12. I hope Ellie is feeling better quickly. My cat Jake loves marshmallows too.

  13. Belated Happy Easter. Bummer they forgot the catnip. Mum is feeling a bit off today too. Feel better Ellie.


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