Friday, November 15, 2019

Waffles & Katie - The Original Odd Couple Cats

*Cue Intro Music*  ♩♬ ♬ ♬

NARRATOR: *speaking in a monotone, matter-of-fact style*

On November 25, 2012, an orange cat named Waffles left the Animal Humane Society in Buffalo, Minnesota. 

Glogirly adopted him.

Deep down he knew his life would change.

But he also knew that big things were in store for him.

After a long ride in a strange car, he appeared at the home of Katie, a well known blogging cat.

Several years earlier, Katie had been adopted as well and was living a quiet and comfortable life, free of any *other* cats.

Can two rescued cats share a townhouse and blog without driving each other crazy?

*Cue Main Theme* ♩♬ ♬ ♬

*Fade Out* 

Katie & Waffles: The ORIGINAL Odd Couple

Seven YEARS?
Can you believe we're coming up on the SEVEN year anniversary of Waffles' adoption?!? Or as Katie calls it, the Waffles Invasion. Time sure flies when you're having fun. We can't imagine life without our orange terror. And deep down, Katie can't imagine life without her orange sidekick either.

Earworm Anyone?
Just in case you need to refresh your memory, or would like to compare our version to the original–

Original Intro to The Odd Couple.
Click below to listen or click HERE to see on YouTube.


  1. You two are really an odd couple for real! I can't believe it's been nearly 7 years! Hm... how long did the TV show run? Now my human's off to Google to check it all out.

  2. Wow....7 years! Happy Gotcha Day!

    The Florida Furkids

  3. Well, at least it is a fun earworm, sigh. I still think of Waffles as a little guy, but 7 years - wow!

  4. Waffles, since you joined the Glogirly family, things have never been the same!

  5. Seven years of Waffles? Seems like more and probably seems like furrever to Katie.

  6. It doesn't seem like 7 years. I know we have loved watching that long tailed orange tabby grow up and watching Miss Katie's reaction to his escapades.

    Molly Mew says she understands how Katie feels about the orange terrors aka little brother. She says she will always be #teammate. Daedae on the otherhand, thinks Waffles is the coolest 🐱 with a great tail.


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