Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Pre-Storm Sunbathing

WAFFLES:  Hey Boss, are you using that sun puddle?

KATIE:  Does it look like I'm using this sun puddle, Waffles?

WAFFLES:  Wanna trade places?

KATIE:  And leave my sun puddle???

WAFFLES:  But my sun puddle is in the shade. 

KATIE:  Exactly.

WAFFLES:  So, does that mean yes? You'll trade with me?

KATIE:  Zzzzzz...

WAFFLES:  Ok, so how about we share this sun puddle instead?

KATIE:  Purr-sonal space, Waffles. You're getting awfully close. Hey, look! There's a new sun puddle way over there on the other side of the kitchen. You should grab it while you can.  

WAFFLES:  Wait! Where's it going?

KATIE:  It's Colorado, Waffles. One minute we've got sun puddles and the next we've got a blizzard.

Katie is right. One minute we're wearing t-shirts and sandals and the next we're looking for our snow boots. Our first snow is due to hit Colorado Thursday. It will probably only snow about 6" or so, but since it's the first of the season, the meteorologists are acting like it's the armageddon.

The weekend promises warmer temps and lots of sunshine though. So whatever snow does fall on Thursday, won't be around very long. Just long enough to be beautiful!

In the meantime, we're soaking up as much sun as we can!


  1. Sometimes (well, most times) the view from your house is utterly magical!

  2. Oh no! Winter is coming. First Denver, then New England. Hope it doesn’t interrupt your weekend plans!

  3. only 6 inches.....guess it really is all about perspective. soak up the sun kitties

  4. Get the milk and bread!!! Hahaha. In Massachusetts, the stores are crazy when they predict any amount of snow.

  5. Waffles, you just need to plan be in the good sun puddle before Katie gets there!

  6. 6" inches already??? Let's hope it doesn't last long...and those sun puddles come back.

  7. Nice, sunny and warm now. Cold, cloudy but no snow by Caturday.


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