Monday, October 28, 2019

Cats by the Fire

KATIE:  Seriously Waffles, you're hogging the fire again. You've got the primo spot. 

WAFFLES:  Yeah but I'm all comfortable and everything. Glogirly even moved my red chair right in front of the fireplace for me. 

KATIE:  Did you say your red chair? Why is it that every chair in the house is yours, regardless of color?

WAFFLES:  What can I say? I have a lot of chairs.

Kitty, It's Cold Outside!
We're right in the middle of our first big winter storm here in Colorado. At the time we're writing this (Sunday evening) we've got about 7" and it's still coming down. It will be snowing off and on through Wednesday with pretty cold temps, so we might just be looking at an overall accumulation of almost 2 FEET!

Meanwhile, we're putting our fireplace through the paces. Nothing beats a lazy weekend soaking in the warmth of a real wood fire. And the smell is heavenly!


  1. My human and I are southern California beings through and through! This is totally foreign to us.

  2. Whoa...that's a lot of snow!! We're glad you are all warm and cozy. We've had record breaking heat the last two days.

    The Florida Furkids

  3. We Florida cats can't imagine that. It will be 90 degrees here today, and we don't think snowflakes would last very long. Enjoy the cozy fireplace warmth!

  4. snow is always much better from INSIDE

  5. I enjoy being outside, to listen to the snow's so peaceful! However, if I have to use the car, then I don't want to see a flake of snow...LOL!

  6. That's a lot of snow already ! But all look comfy and cosy inside ! Purrs

  7. 2 feet??? Noooooo!!! But having that fire sure looks comfy.

  8. Stay warm, cute and funny kitties and Glogirly!


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