Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Foggy Feline Fun


KATIE:  Busy, Waffles. 

WAFFLES:  Can you see anything out the window yet? 

KATIE:  It's still foggy.

WAFFLES:  Froggy??? How many frogs do you see?

KATIE:  FOGGY, not froggy. And if you're so curious Waffles, why don't you just get up and look out the window for yourself?

WAFFLES:  But you're already up there. And I'm WAAAAAY down here. 

KATIE:  No, you're just WAAAAAY lazy.

WAFFLES:  C'mon, Boss!

KATIE:  I'm sorry, I can't see a thing.

WAFFLES:  Are your eyes even OPEN, Boss?

KATIE:  *sigh* They are now. So if I tell you I see frogs outside, will you leave me alone? 

WAFFLES:  That depends. How many frogs? 

Fogged In
Mr. Sun took a vacation yesterday. We were completely fogged in all day and into the night. So Waffles and Katie hunkered down on their favorite blanket. Katie scored the window seat on the back of Glogirly's chair in the bedroom. That left Waffles down on the ottoman.

Although we couldn't see the mountains in the distance, there's something magical about the fog. Even when the air is completely still and not a leaf or branch is moving, the fog moves through making the wind chimes just barely tinkle.

WAFFLES:  Tinkle???

No, not that kind of tinkle.

Spring, summer, fall, winter...we love them all. Every day is a beautiful gift.

Scenes from our Foggy Tuesday

The view from our kitchen - Up our drive into the mist and trees.

The view IN our kitchen - Glogirly's homemade chili.


  1. I can never not giggle reading these posts. With ten cats in our house I'm sure there are similar conversations. Thank you for sharing your wit. Love Katie and Waffles. xoxo

  2. We love fog! And how pretty it is there--but it's always pretty there!

  3. No KFC for Waffles on a froggy day! Ha!

  4. Beautiful kitties, pretty fog and homemade chili - sounds lovely!

  5. If one allows oneself to, one can find beauty and peace in everything!

  6. Mum will be over for a bowl of chili. That is a nice fog, pretty looking but you can at least see a little bit in front of you.

  7. The fog also makes things a little spooky too. :)


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