Friday, July 26, 2019

We Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Cat Blog

WAFFLES:  BOSS!!! The interwebs are broken! How am I going to chat with my girlfriends???

KATIE:  Don't know. Don't care. Take a nap.

WAFFLES:  Well that's not a very good answer, Boss.

KATIE:  Would it be a better answer if I meowed in ALL CAPS???


Whaddya MEAN Our Interwebs Are Broken?
Today's blog post is coming to you live from Glogirly's Jeep, parked at the way top of our hill by the mailboxes. Why? The short answer is because a certain phone and internet provider that shall remain nameless *cough-cough-Century-cough-Link* is totally and completely inept. 

Ok to be fair, it's not entirely their fault. But the fact that they can't get a service technician here for a WEEK IS entirely their fault.

Yesterday we had a huge lightning storm in our canyon. Though our house didn't take a direct hit, it was VERY close and we believe the surge entered through our satellite TV cable. There was a bright light and huge crash bang that came from our audio/visual cabinet. Our TV is fine, but the modem and all the satellite TV components are fried. 

No modem means no internet. No internet means no online shopping, no phone, no email, no Facebook...and unless Glogirly drives up our hill and crosses her fingers, no new blog post. 

She managed to get just enough of a signal on her phone to quickly post today's blog using it as a hotspot. That's interwebs lingo for, PHEW!

We hope to be back in business by Monday so we don't have to do another blog post from the mailbox at the top of the hill.

Mountain living is a wonderful thing, though it certainly has its challenges!

KATIE: Just as long as this lapse in internet doesn't result in a lapse in mealtime. 


  1. Internet service is crap down here in the SW corner of Colorado, so we feel your pain. Glad all of you and the house are safe.

  2. I might think orinch link is on the job!

  3. Nooo! But well done for the staff going to new heights to get your post up. What I want to hear more about is Waffle's following of femme felines . . . ;)

  4. You are like the modern version of a pioneer woman, driving up the mountain in your Jeep so we can get our dose of Katie and Waffles! :-)

  5. EEEK....glad your TV is fine. We had a similar event a few years ago and it also fried Dad's computer and one of our TVs.

    The Florida Furkids

  6. No worries Katie, meals will be served on schedule. You have a great mom.

  7. Ugh. What a pain to have to wait all that time. But it's great for naps!

  8. Katie has her priorities! Lightning striking so close is very scary, and so much damage to your stuff...sorry to hear it.

  9. Katie has a point there about mealtimes! I hope your internet is up very soon!

  10. Well, at least you still have food and water. Though internets is probably a close third in things you would want. ;)

  11. Goodness we are glad there was not more damage but Boo for that slow response from your provider. Katie I am sure Mom will make sure your meals are on time and tasty

  12. No worries Katie, the two aren't connected - at least in the short-term!

  13. Whoa! TW is petrified of thunderstorms. I don't even want to think how she'd react to a strike so close. She always turns the TV and computer off when there's a storm.

  14. So glad we don't have to wait any longer for our favorite hunka hunka ginger mancat! XD

  15. Oh will you tell the man in the blue shorts to bring you stuff??

  16. We hope you everything is back online working for you soon. Waffles, hopefully if you take a nap. When you wake up you will be able to talk to your girlfriends. Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful weekend.
    World of Animals

  17. We hope the probleme gets fixed quickly ! Purrs


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