Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Flying Feathers - Playtime With Our CatDaddy

WAFFLES:  Incoming! 

WAFFLES:  Waffles the great wand toy warrior catches his feather in one paw! 

WAFFLES:  ...and the crowd goes WILD!

KATIE:  FYI, Waffles. You're not the only one that Gloman plays with around here. 

KATIE:  And it looks to me like you're laying down on the job. Pretty lazy form if you ask me. 

WAFFLES:  Yeah, but I can still catch my feather.  

KATIE:  Barely.

WAFFLES:  I don't even have to get up.

KATIE:  Well this is my idea of not getting up. 

Playtime With Our CatDaddy
Waffles and Katie got in some quality play time with Gloman today. Just another one of the perks of having him home for a visit.

When it comes to Waffles, playtime is like potato chips. 

He. Can't. Stop. 

In fact, Gloman decided he'd see just how long Waffles could go before he gave up. Oh, he'd lay down plenty. Today's photos are evidence of that. But as long as there was a feather in sight, he just couldn't turn away. Everyone was giggling at how he just couldn't stop. Finally, after a full hour, and despite the lure of the feather, he decided it was time to walk away. He headed straight for the kitchen for a snack and then curled up inside his Sleepypod in the closet for an epic nap. 

Pretty sure he's still sleeping.

...Meanwhile, Katie has a chance to enjoy some Waffle-free playtime.


  1. When will Gloman be a permanent resident in your mountains, and not a visitor?

  2. Wow, it takes a long time to wear out Waffles! Sadly, my human tires out way before I do.

  3. Looks like you both had lots of fun with your daddy. Feathers are great!!

  4. An hour, Waffles! I couldn't even begin to get close to that; I wear out!

  5. How nice that you both could have fun playing with your dad ! Purrs

  6. good plan - wear out the orange wonder then get some alone time :)

  7. We're not sure Ham would stop after an hour!

  8. Looks like everybuddy is having a good time.

  9. You played for a whole hour? Wow.

  10. An hour is more than I can handle, Waffles! Enjoy your visit with your daddy!


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