Monday, July 29, 2019

Internet Missing In Action

WAFFLES:  BOSS!!!! Where's the internets? They've been gone for forever and I can't find them.

WAFFLES:  Are they here? Hold still, Boss.

KATIE:  For crying out loud, Waffles. What are you DOING???

WAFFLES:  I'm looking for the internets, Boss. Glogirly can't find them either so I'm just trying to help.

KATIE:  Well looking there is no help at all. 

WAFFLES:  But I'm desperate, Boss. My girlfriends...I can't even Facebook them.

KATIE:  Unless you drive a big white truck and wear a tool belt, you're not going to be finding our internet anytime soon. 

WAFFLES:  Wait. Did you say TOOLBELT?! I totally need one of those.

Still Internet Silent
Today we're coming to you live from the Starbucks in Boulder. After last weeks lightning strike, we're still without internet, email, cell phones, and TV. Oh, the horror. 

Fortunately, the internet/phone company that shall remain nameless, is due to be here Tuesday. Sometime between the crack of dawn and midnight. The tech better get things rolling again or there's going to be one very frustrated cat girl and two impatient mountain cats entering the throws of internet withdrawal. 


  1. We're going through Waff withdrawal and Katie dt's out here!

  2. It sucks ! We hope you get your internet back very soon ! Purrs

  3. Ack! We'd be going crazy without innernets!

  4. What a pain in the asterisk! I suggest snacks and beverages, so when the worker arrives, you can shmooze them into performing well. One has to have their priorities straight, and being online, with phone and TV, is much too impawtant to go without!

  5. I think our person will die without her Waffles fix...and we don't mean the kind from the restaurant down the road (she's looked there).

  6. We're still here Waffs! Your girlfriends won't leave you!

  7. guyz....N we just bet de internetz place iz gonna give ewe a credit on de bill for de outage..... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  8. argh - how frustrating. good luck - and enjoy the coffee :)


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