Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Valentines Shocker - The Waffles & Katie KISS

Golden, CO
February 13, 2019

Shock waves out of the sleepy mountain town of Golden, Colorado today. Two supposed rival cats caught on camera in what can only be described as a most embarrassing and compromising position. According to an anonymous source, the lip-locking felines have been identified as Waffles and Katie of the GLOGIRLY cat blog.

The photographer behind the salacious shot is rumored to have sold exclusive rights to the photo for a figure in excess of 25 cents. 

Katie, the tuxedo cat pictured above, originally argued the "misleading and horrifying snapshot" was a result of someone's mad Photoshop skills, however the authenticity of the image has been confirmed and the photograph deemed untouched. 

Katie now claims the viral photo is "nothing more than a bad camera angle." 

A VERY bad angle indeed.

Waffles, (pictured above in a press photo provided by his agent), has admitted he is the orange tabby shown only with his back to the camera in the controversial shot. He's wasted no time sharing the KISS photo on social media. Meanwhile, women across the globe and clowders of female cats are left shocked and heartbroken.

L-R: Princess Floofenfluff, Chris, Pancake, Tutu
"NOOOO, say it isn't so, Waffles!" 
-Princess Floofenfluff, Lubbock, TX

"But I thought I was his girlfriend!" 
-Chris, Kansas City, MO

"YOU TWO-TIMING #%&*@!!" 
-Pancake, Savannah, GA

"But...but what was all that one in elebenty billion talk???"
-Tutu, Fargo, ND

The complicated and often contemptuous relationship between Waffles and Katie is no secret to fans of their blog. According to legal experts, a single picture like the one published on the Enquirer today, exposing the two cats in a blatant public display of affection, could not only permanently tarnish their reputations but take down the entire GLOGIRLY empire with a single swipe of the paw.

Happy Early Valentines Day!
If you've been reading our blog for a while, you might recall that we're not huge fans of Valentines Day as a holiday. We like showing our family and friends how much we love them every day of the year. There's just too much love to pack into a single day! But that doesn't mean we don't like to have a little Valentines fun! We hope you enjoyed our tongue-in-cheek tabloid today and we hope you have some Valentines Day fun too!

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  1. This is my human's first Valentine's Day in, like, a couple decades without a Valentine. But she actually doesn't care. She will be happy to just have a good (although rainy) day helping me do therapy cat work.

  2. Katie,did you have some tuna stuck in your teeth? ;)

  3. Happy Valentines Day! We’re hoping our mommy will have a special Valentine this year but we agree that love should be shown all year long.

  4. hehehe you're just luring him in for a swipe aren't you Katie?xx Speedy

  5. Ah Katie, we know you really love the Waff!

  6. MOL We are sure Waffles had Salmon on his lips or something equally as tasty.

  7. Uh oh...we think it was the camera angle too, Katie.

  8. Looks like a kiss to us! Mama says she'll kiss Waffles whenever he wants. And Katie too, but she knows that girls like Katie don't give their affections easily!

  9. GASP - the horror.....Ivy passed out from the shock of the cooties that Katie has been exposed to now

  10. if this was really a secret! All of that snarky talk from Katie just covered up the real emotion; LUV!
    P.S. It could have been worse, and one of those butt-sniffing photos could have made it out into public...just sayin'! ROFLOL!

  11. Oh so great and timely! We are not surprised at Waffles stealing a kiss, but are surprised Katie let him! Fish breath perhaps?

  12. MOL ! Which of you had some tasty stuff on the lips ? Purrs

  13. Oh, Katie ... I just happen to know an available kittie name Panzer who's looking for a date for Valentines Day.

  14. that was too funny!! We aren't huge fans of Valentine's Day either. We agree with you, just show love EVERY day!!

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