Friday, February 15, 2019

The Un-Valentine

WAFFLES:  Hey, Boss? Did you like the valentine I gave you yesterday? 

KATIE:  Valentine? What valentine? You didn't give me a valentine.

WAFFLES:  Yeah I did. It was a heart-shaped box of chicken treats.

KATIE:  What heart-shaped box of chicken treats?

WAFFLES:  You didn't get any?

KATIE:  Get any? I didn't even see it. ...Waffles?


KATIE:  You ate them all, didn't you?

WAFFLES:  Um, maybe you had some and you just forgot?

KATIE:  Waffles, you should know by now that I never forget. 

WAFFLES:  That's not true. You forgot to give me a valentine. 

WAFFLES:  Like I said, Waffles. I never forget.

Happy Un-Valentines Day!
Glogirly calls Valentines Day a Hallmark holiday. As much fun as flowers and chocolates are, she and Gloman have always believed they don't need a special day to show their love for each other. That's what every day of the year is for. Oh, they still exchanged texts with lots of heart emojis yesterday...but they do that every day. 

Pretty sure Waffles feels the same way, especially when it comes to Katie. He doesn't need a special day or a fancy red tie to impress her and profess his love for her. Much to Katie's chagrin, he does that all the time. Every. Single. Day. 


  1. I want a heart-shaped box of chicken treats now!

  2. We want a heart-shaped box of chicken treats too! Poor Katie.... every day...

  3. Add us to those who want a heart shaped box of chick-hen treats!!

    The Florida Furkids

  4. he ate ALL the treats. mom made us at least share hahaha

  5. The Hubby and I are pretty 'meh' on Hallmark holidays too, but he did cut out a heart for me, and I drew a valentine on a sticky note for him!

  6. My husband and I feel the same. We should show how much we love someone daily, not just once a year. Cute photos, Waffles looks extra handsome in his tie.

  7. Katie, you are happenin' in that flower and Waffles, you are debonair in that tie - Love to both of you!

  8. Hope you had a great Valentine's Day.
    Sue B

  9. Mum says we should show our love everyday. It is a way to push selling candy, flowers and the like. She bought clearance chocolates today.

  10. You look so handsome with your tie, Waffles ! We would love to receive a heart-shaped box of chicken treats, that sounds so romantic (and so tasty) ! Purrs


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