Monday, January 14, 2019

Meeting of the Minds

KATIE:  You're late, Waffles. 

WAFFLES:  Late for what, Boss? Are we having a party or something?

KATIE:  You're late for our meeting. It's time for your year-end purr-formance review.

WAFFLES:  But it's New Years, Boss. How can it be over already? 

KATIE:  Fiscal year end, Waffles. Are you ready?

WAFFLES:  Fiscal? You mean like a physical? We're not going to the vet, are we?

KATIE:  So I'm giving you a score of 70.5 which puts you at the low end of Meets Expectations. The dangerously low end of it. 

WAFFLES:  Meats expectations? Do you mean like Chicken Expectations? Turkey? Beef Expectations? Maybe ribs and hot dogs. That sounds good, I'll have that.

KATIE:  I said MEETS, not MEATS. 

WAFFLES:  But meats IS meats. 

KATIE:  Not that kind of meats.

WAFFLES: This meeting is so not MEAT-ing my expectations. 

About Today's Photos
Wherever Glogirly goes in the house, so too do Katie and Waffles. That is if they're not sleeping. So when she was on the phone with Gloman today and wat down in the office, it took only a minute or so before she had two office mates joining her.

It's pretty rare for Katie and Waffles to sit or lay down really close to one another. But that's exactly what they did in those last two photos. Glogirly had to put Gloman on hold so she could grab a couple of pics with her iPhone.

From behind, they SO looked like they were having a meeting. She got up and walked around to the other side of them to get a photo of them from the front. The expression on Waffles' face reminded her of many a corporate meeting. Kind of like that look when you realize the meeting is going long no one remembered to bring the donuts.


  1. I don't think even chicken-flavored donuts could have helped Waffles with that meeting!

  2. Now I are hungry thinking bout all da meat expectations!

  3. Waffles, year end purrformance reviews are the pits. Katie is a tough evaluator! I wonder WHO would get an exceeds expectations in her book?

  4. Hoo boy, do we know about office meetings, kitties! And those year-end goals, *hangs head*
    However, it tickles my funny bone that Glogirly put Gloman on hold, in order to snap photos!

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  6. Wow, Katie, you're a tough evaluator ! Purrs

  7. And Katie has the look that she's not too sure about her co-worker's intentions.


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