Friday, January 18, 2019

Laptop Admiration

WAFFLES:  Hey Boss, have you seen how handsome I am on our blog? Like SUPER handsome. Like SOOOOOO hand–

KATIE: Purr-sonally, I think the view is much better from here. 

WAFFLES:  But you can't even see me, Boss.

KATIE:  Exactly.

About Today's Photos
Since Glogirly's laptop is powered up pretty much ALL the time, it tends to radiate just enough heat to make it an enticing cat magnet. So much so, it's a wonder she can type up our blog posts. Thankfully, spellcheck always comes to the rescue.


  1. Honestly, even tough we're wafflecentric, we haven't gotten over the UPS/Katie dream!

  2. Binga used to sleep on my human's laptop all the time! I just run across it when she's away from her desk and she finds out later when the whole screen has gone screwy.

  3. Aww, I like the fact that you both have your own laptops to play with. I have to share MINE with Mrs H, and whilst she doesn't run over the top of it there have been a few close calls with the vacuum clean and tea spillages!
    Toodle pips and purrs

  4. We don’t find the iPad too warm here... but are glad Katie and Waffles have an extra source of heat.

  5. mom blogs with the laptop on her lap (gasp) so no sitting on it here

  6. Seriously, Waffles and Katie...can you two get any cuter?
    By the way, the new movie, "A Dog's Way Home" takes place in Colorado! The movie stays very close to the original book, which I enjoyed, and there are cats in there...plenty of cats! Not just dogs.

  7. Get all the extra warmth you can, you are after all Mountain Cats now living in the high rockies!

  8. Mum shuts the top down on hers when she isn't using it. She won't let me play, er, use it.


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