Monday, September 17, 2018

Nice Antlers, Neighbors

WAFFLES:  Do you see what I see, Boss?

KATIE:  Considering I'm looking at YOU, I'm going to say that's a No. 

WAFFLES:  No, Boss! Out the window do you see what I see?

KATIE:  Why? What do you see?

WAFFLES:  It's our neighbors. One of them's got HORNS. Big ones.

DEER:  That's right, Waffles. They're huge. And by the way, they're antlers, not horns. 

WAFFLES:  *GASP!*  He's looking at me! He's looking at me! Do you see, Boss? 

KATIE:  Nevermind those antlers, look at that unibrow!

WAFFLES:  Yeah, he looks like that Frito lady. 

DEER:  That's Freda Kahlo, Waffles. The artist. Not Frito.

WAFFLES:  So does that mean you don't have any Fritos? How about Cheetos? 

DEER:  Wow, Katie. I don't know how you put up with this one. 

KATIE:  You have NO idea.

About Today's Photos
Last week it was squirrels, this week it's the deer family! It's unusual for the deer to come so close to the house. But just a few days ago, Glogirly planted some asters out by one of our hummingbird feeders. She had to cut down lots of wild grass and bushes that were close to the house as part of our fire mitigation project. It was leaving things looking a little bare in some spots, so a couple of potted plants seemed to be the answer to make it look more inviting.

Little did she know, the deer took that as a serious dinner invitation.

When she saw Mrs. Deer chomping the little purple flowers, she popped her head out the kitchen door and let her know that these were not on the menu. 

Mr. Deer was not far behind and didn't seem to care about the pretty blooms or even Glogirly's orange buckets filled with flower trimmings. He just casually meandered by towards the back of the house where the wild raspberries grow. 

Glogirly never gets very close to the deer, at least on purpose. They're typically very shy so she likes to be still and quiet so she can watch them from a distance. 


  1. Beautiful creatures inside and outside. How wonderful! Mr. Deer is quite a good-looking fellow. Waffles may have some competition for attention from the ladies.

  2. I have babies in my back yard. I keep hoping to see antlers, but so far they have stayed away

  3. You have beautiful neighbors ... looks like your place is a restaurant to them. Mol.

  4. How cool that you had deer visitors! They probably think Glogirly set up those planters just for them.

  5. How cool - I wish we could get deer here!

  6. So pretty, but so greedy neighbors, MOL ! Purrs

  7. Wow, your neighbors are WILD, aren't they??

  8. it would appear your neighbors had a completely different definition of "inviting" :)

  9. That's great you get to see wildlife.
    Sue B

  10. It's best to allow the wildlife to stay wild; getting used to humans may be detrimental to their safety!

  11. What species of deer do you have in your area? The Mr. and Mrs. don't look like the whitetails I'm used to seeing here in NYS.

  12. The deer are beautiful! Thanks for sharing! Waffles and Katie are too funny (and beautiful) MOL!


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