Friday, September 28, 2018

Katie Cat Through the Years: A Retrospective

Hi everyone, Katie here.

In case you were starting to think the world revolves around Waffles, today I'm here to set the record straight.

Now please, everyone...remain calm and proceed in an orderly fashion through the gallery. Inside voices. We don't want anyone squeeing all over themselves or any cuteness-related injuries. To be safe, there are EMT's standing by.

Stay as long as like. We'll be here all day.

Dateline: September 10, 2005. 
My first night in the Townhouse. 
I'm only 13 weeks old and a mere 3 pounds. 

Gloman secretly adopted me and brought me home to my girl. I was her anniversary present. 
She said I was better than chocolate, better than flowers and better than the biggest diamond on earth.

Me and my girl. Together forever.
This was taken the day after Gloman brought me home to my forever girl and forever home.
This was also the original photo that became our very first blog header back in June of 2009. 

This bedtime story's making me sleepy.

Study this carefully. This pose will get you WHATEVER you want.

Because a girl's favorite toy should match her eyes.  

KATIE TRIVIA: Katie's eyes were a brilliant gold when she was a kitten, but they've changed over the years to a greenish gold and eventually to a lovely marbled sage green.

A lady always knows how to work the camera. 

Halloween or not, I still have a problem with Glogirly's ears. 

Sometimes I just like to think. 

Sometimes I have to stand guard.

Somtimes I have a LOT to say.

My eyes see more than you'll ever know.

Me and my girl. Together forever.

Katie today. 13 years young and as beautiful as ever.


  1. So a tiny kitten, so much beauty!

  2. You were a cute kitten for sure Katie and you are still cute, if not cuter 13 years later!!! :D <3

  3. What a pawsome retrospective!
    Katie keeps looking lovely :)
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  4. Gawjus furbabies.... you do amazing, and u see my Santorini pic they look like twins

  5. I loved your retrospective, Katie. You are a lovely and special girl.

  6. sigh.....we love seeing all those pictures of our lovely tuxedo friend

  7. You have the most beautiful eyes, Katie.

  8. Beauty-full lady cat, we loves you too Miss Katie.

  9. Katie, even as a tot you were the gold standard of elegance.

  10. Such lovely photos. We quite see why folks are so taken with you Katie!

  11. Katie, you were my first ladycat friend!! Loved the retrospective! ❤️❤️❤️

  12. Wow, went from cutie to beauty!

  13. Katie this was simply a beautiful post. We love all the gorgeous photos that you shared with us. The one of you holding the book and sleeping is just too cute. Thirteen years young and still beautiful as ever. Thanks for the lovely share. Have a great weekend.
    World of Animals

  14. Happy Birthday Katie! My eyes were amber when I came home and turned green. We have so much in common except you have a girl who knows how to work a camera.

  15. katie, you are true class and elegance!!!

  16. Beautiful beautiful retrospective! Katie, now I understand how you get everything you want! We need to take lessons from you. We loved seeing all your pix from Day One. But our VERY favorite is the Halloween photo where both of you girls have cat ears!!!

  17. Katie you are absolutely fabulous!
    Happy Birthday...

    Noodle and crew

  18. We love this retrospective of beautiful Katie! Happy birthday, Katie! We love you!

  19. A cat is definitely better than chocolate, flowers, or any diamond (or other gem). SO MUCH BETTER! You've only improved with age, Katie.


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