Friday, October 6, 2017

Flashback Friday: My What BIG Eyes You Have

About today's Today's Friday Flashback
KATIE:  This photo shoot dates way back to 12-12-12. Did you know that Glogirly's lucky number is 12? For the record, 12 is most certainly NOT my lucky number.

KATIE:  I sit.

KATIE:  And watch.

KATIE:  And watch some more.

WAFFLES:  Hi Boss! Did you know you have REALLY big eyes? Whatcha looking at?  

KATIE:  Just remember, these eyes are laser-locked on YOU, Waffles. 

Seriously... is that really your NAME??? A sticky breakfast food? 

WAFFLES:  That's my name don't wear it out! 

KATIE:  Don't worry, I wouldn't be caught dead wearing that.

About Today's Photos 
We admit it...sometimes we look through our photo galleries for just the right expression, pose, setting, for the story we're telling. And then sometimes a series of photos taken in rapid succession inspire our stories. Today's pictures fall into the latter. Waffles had only been with us for about two weeks. And he'd only been outside of the kitten quarantine room for a few days. Those big eyes on Katie? They were real and of the moment. That was her, "OMG why is this small orange kitten thing still here?" look.


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