Friday, October 13, 2017

A Different Kind of Vet Visit

WAFFLES:  Where are we, Boss?

KATIE:  I don't know, Waffles. Glogirly said something about a vet, but this doesn't look like any vet clinic I've ever seen. 

WAFFLES:  It doesn't smell either. You know, like dogs and medicine and stuff. Maybe it's like a fancy hotel or something. Do you think there's snacks? I like snacks.

Our Quest for a New Vet
When we moved to Colorado from Minnesota earlier this year, Glogirly had to find a new grocery store, a new hair stylist, and a new veterinarian. Not an easy task. And if you look closely at her roots, you'll see she's still in search of one of those. 

As for the new vet...well, we hit the jackpot. Dr. Fern Slack came highly recommended to us by Ingrid King of The Conscious Cat. We've known Ingrid for years and often look to her for the latest news and advice in feline health, nutrition, and behavior. So when she told us her favorite veterinarian had recently relocated to Colorado and was opening the first cat exclusive hospital and clinic in Boulder, we couldn't wait to make an appointment.

Ok, to clarify, Glogirly couldn't wait to make an appointment. Like most cats, Waffles and Katie will always prefer sun puddles and wand toys to vet visits. 

Good Medicine = Education
Dr. Fern and her team at Uniquely Cats Veterinary Center believe that good medicine starts with client education. They're devoted to helping cat guardians understand the very specific needs of their feline companions. And this isn't just something they've put on their website to sound nice. These are words they live by.

Dr. Fern is hands down the most knowledgeable veterinary professional we have ever met. She spent over two hours with Glogirly just talking. Sharing information, experiences and really getting to know her, Katie and Waffles. 

In fact, our first visit was just that. A visit. At Dr. Fern's recommendation and invitation, our first visit was a no-touch visit. It was a chance for Katie and Waffles to get to know the space without the usual poking and prodding that takes place with most exams. It was a chance for them to get acquainted with Dr. Fern's voice and energy.

A few days later, we went back for Katie's exam and blood tests. 

Exam Rooms That Inspire Calm
KATIE:  Where's the cold metal table? And all the scary instruments? 

When it came to the exam, Dr. Fern did something that no veterinarian has ever done. She sat down on the floor next to Katie's carrier, reached in, to pick her up and held her right there on the floor, where she did the entire exam. There was no team of vet techs wearing armpit length gloves, no blankets or towels. 

She held Katie in a way that kept both of them safe and even helped to soothe her. There were a few growls, that's to be expected. But when you consider that Katie is a cat who other vets have not even been able to examine, who has always had a special 'note' in her file about her cantankerous nature at the vet, well... color us impressed.

Dr. Fern took the time to let Katie walk around the room so she could observe how Katie moved, walked and jumped. It helped her to see signs of arthritis or possible pain. All the while, sitting on the floor without a metal table in sight.

Glogirly is very excited to hear about what Dr. Fern learns from the blood and urine tests. Katie has been battling some health issues for a couple of years now and we're very hopeful Dr. Fern will be able to dig deeper than any other vet ever has in terms of understanding the nuances of everything that's going on with Katie and helping to establish the best possible nutrition and treatment plan. 

The Ride-A-Long
Because Waffles has trouble with displacement aggression after any vet visit, whether he's being examined or Katie is, he came with as a ride-a-long. That way they both smell the same when we get home. This helps us maintain a semblance of peace and harmony once we get home. 

Uniquely Cats, The Absolute Best
If you're lucky enough to live in the Boulder, Golden or Denver area, you simply MUST meet Dr. Fern. She is a gem. Truly the best veterinarian we have ever met. It's been less than a week since our first visit and she's already like family to us. 

If you live elsewhere, please know there is hope. Dr. Fern is proof that there are some amazing vets out there and if you're not completely happy with yours, it's totally worth it to shop around. Sorry, but as much as we'd like to, we can't clone her. We asked.

"Nothing in life is quite so precious as those we share our time with. In a life well lived, we may be blessed with the companionship of a few of our more ephemeral companions...each precious, each shaping us. Uniquely Cats is dedicated to helping you create a healthy and happy bond with your beloved furry feline companions."
~ Uniquely Cats Veterinary Center


  1. That is wonderful that you have found someone so caring for your furbabies

  2. Too bad about not being able to clone her - we'd like one of her here in Los Angeles!

  3. Sounds like the type of vet clinic all of would want for our cats

  4. This vet sounds wonderful.We think it is important to have a vet you feel comfortable with as well as one who is knowledgeable and kind.
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  5. I love this post so much - even if it makes me sad all over again that Dr. Fern moved away.

  6. wow - we love vets like that. getting down to our level and making us feel safe. and the office looks amazing too

  7. You are so very lucky. We have nice enough vets here but not one that we love to death like we loved Dr. Jackie. We miss her so much and wish we could find someone like Dr. Fern.

  8. Wow, fantastic! We wish we had an exclusively cats veterinary clinic here--sounds like this vet is both a "Cat Friendly" and "Fear Free" practice. Paw-some!

  9. Yet another "sign" that your move was MEANT to be! OMG that practice looks FABULOUS! As soon as you said Dr.Fern was referred by Ingrid, I KNEW she would be fabulous (I am thinking Ingrid mentioned her in her books? Not sure).....I LOVE that she sat on the floor with Katie, I LOVE the wooden table and how warm and cozy everything looks. I am sooooooooo happy for you that you found a good Vet. I know first hand how hard it is when you move to find a Vet that you respect/ DEFINITELY hit the VETERINARY JACKPOT! Soooo happy for you! xoxo catchatwithcarenandcody

  10. I had no idea that you had moved to Colorado! (I haven't been keeping up very well with my blog reading.) Welcome!!

  11. What a wonderful and beautiful office. Sounds like a "dream vet"!

  12. That looks like such a nice place.

  13. That's wonderful. It's SO impawtant to have a good vet!

  14. That sounds like a wonderful place ! We're glad you found such a great vet ! Purrs

  15. I feel all relaxed too...just by reading this post! Wow, Dr. Fern!
    ...and I'm a human...hehehe

  16. Wow, we really wish we could find a vet like Dr. Fern.

  17. Very nice. My new vet has rooms just for cats. Plus they put a mat on the table, so no cold table. Feliway infused blankies too.

  18. WOW, you are so blessed to have been directed to that clinic. Our vet is pretty good and we have no real complints, but this one is to "meow' for!!!! Thanks for sharing.

  19. Sounds great. Miss Poppy doesn't know but she is off to the vet tomorrow for a butt shave and check up. Lucky lucky girl.

    Your new vet sounds awesome and we like the relaxed vibe of the examination room.

  20. Dr.Fern has never met me. End of story. I'm glad she relaxed Katie and that you found her. We love Dr. D but she still can't get a blood sample. TW says Dr. Fern should be cloned.

    1. BTW, the clinic reminds TW of the acupuncture clinics she's gone to. Very soothing and she can imagine soft ambient music playing.

  21. This sounds like such a fantastic clinic! My vet recently retired and I do like my new vet, but the environment at this clinic is like no other! I'm so happy Katie did so well.

  22. Wow, that sure sounds like a terrific vet clinic. Dr. Fern rocks!

  23. Wow. It sounds as though you really hit the
    Jackpot! Hopefully this is the direction feline veterinary care is headed.


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