Saturday, February 21, 2015

TV Trip: Glogirly's Angels

GLOGIRLY:  Once upon a time there were two very different little kittens who grew up to be two very different little cats with only two things in common: They're cats and they both look good with their wigs parted in the center. Oh and one more thing... they work for me. My name is Glogirly.

WAFFLES:  Boss! This box is talking!!

KATIE:  Well? What did it say?

WAFFLES:  It said 'hello,' I think. 

KATIE:  So, did you say 'hello' back?


KATIE:  Why not?

WAFFLES:  Hello... it's a box. And I'm not supposed to talk to strange boxes.

KATIE:  That's no strange box, that's Glogirly.

WAFFLES:  GLOGIRLY??? What's she doing in there? How'd she–  Is she stuck? Do we need to help her? What if she can't get out? What if she can't make our dinner??? How will we open the WAND TOY CABINET???

GLOGIRLY:  Waffles, you sure ask a lot of questions. 

Katie, Wafffles... your mission is to identify who's behind the late night kitchen explosions. One, or possibly a group of perpetrators, is opening all the kitchen cupboard doors in the middle of the night and scattering the contents throughout the townhouse. You'll each be going undercover for this operation.

WAFFLES:  Undercovers??? I LOVE under covers!

GLOGIRLY:  Katie, you're Kitty Copperfield, a feline magician and star of your own Vegas stage show. You'll need stakeout the food cupboard by slipping inside, undetected. It's our belief that the perpetrator or perpetrators will strike again tonight. Be careful, Katie. This is an extremely dangerous operation. 

KATIE:  Got it. I'm on it.

WAFFLES:  What do I do???

GLOGIRLY:  Waffles, you're going DEEP undercover. So deep in fact, your identity and the details of your operation are highly confidential. Just act natural. Do what you do every night.

*cue music*

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  1. THE HAIR! You kill me with the hair!
    I want to see Waffles in a 'fro

  2. We wanted to hear what the mission was...

  3. I get the feeling that making Waffles useful is Mission Impossible... oops, different show!

  4. This is awesome - and those wigs...MOL, ROFL!! ;0

  5. Hehehe OMB this is killing me...hehehe,xx SPeedy

  6. * helpless giggles * oh that HAIR!!!!!

  7. MOL... well Katie is sure to catch the perpetrator... I'm still laughing about the wigs that look good parted down the middle haha!

  8. MOL ! Waffle's wig ! We're sure your mission is going to be a success, Katie ! Purrs

  9. We LOVE the hair!!!!!!! Please tell us how the mission goes!!!!!!'

  10. Can you get Waffles Faucet on tap? ;)

  11. Ooh, a mystery mission! But Waffles, I think you are going to be in trouble after this.

  12. Waffles, this mission should be no problem for you.

  13. Oh now I'm going to worry about Katie...

  14. Waffles, we have never thought of you as an angel. It definitely isn't type casting. You would think that Glogirly could come up with a couple TV Show spoofs where you could actually play a guy. Hope these go on forever. We look forward to Saturday every week. Please join us Sunday for our selfies blog hop. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  15. Very cute Angels! You should spoof Big Bang Theory :)

  16. OMD/OMC our favorite! Did you know that my mom has the same name as the Townsend Agency? She always thought that was pretty cool. Love Dolly

  17. You two are so funny! We'll be waiting to hear who the perpetrator is....could it be an ornj kitty?

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  18. Waffles looks frighteningly good in the wig and earrings...
    Thanks for another Saturday giggle.

  19. interestingly, guess what is playing on my TV right now. Angels on Wheels.. :)

  20. Great - each angel gets an assignment suited to his or her ability!

  21. This is fabulous! Waffles is supposed to do what he does every night? Does that mean he's supposed to raid the cupboards? ;D

  22. Katie, methinks after you successfully complete your mission, you need to sit down and have a paw-to-paw with Glogirly. I think she is confused about who is the BOSS. Am I right, or am I RIGHT?
    And, Z-Girl loves the wings. She says hers never looked that good back in the day.
    Purrs, Coco Chanel from Squeedunk

  23. Sooooo..I'm thinking maybe there will be a part 2 Glogirly??..We have to know who the purrpurrtrator could we ever guess??..MOL..

    1. and my goodness..that boy does get easily excited when he thinks dinner might be late..doesn't he..MOL..

  24. MOL Y'all do look cute in yous wigs. Can't wait to find out hoo da culpwit is.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  25. You look so very 80's! And it works!
    We love your TV spoofs!

    Noodle and crew

  26. Ha ha, Thanks for the laugh again today. Sounds to me like you both are doing dangerous work there pals. It's time to ask for a raise in treats!

  27. Waffles, you're a blonde bombshell! Love both your wigs!

  28. Nice earrings, Waff! Mommy had (STILL HAS!!!) some like that from 1976.

    Cod, she's OLD.

  29. Waffles your wee teefs at the bottom are so charming I am blinded by their adorableness. I am featuring the Boss today.

  30. Hmm, could the investigators perhaps be the instigators?

  31. Heh heh. Pop always like Kate Jackson the best cos she was the smart one and he loves Katie. Great wigs.

  32. LOVE the wigs! We can't wait to hear if you got the perpetrators!
    The Florida Furkids

  33. Katie!!! Did yous catch the purrps red handed?

  34. Crazy funny!! I think one of the Angels is guilty this time!!

  35. Waffles I must admit that you look grreat as a blonde :)



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