Thursday, September 26, 2013

Q&A With The Sleepypod Pet Travel Experts

Hi everyone, Katie here.

You will not BELIEVE what the orange one has gotten us into now. Thanks to Waffles and all of his *field trips* ... he's convinced the Sleepypod Pet Carrier people that we're some kind of travel expert team.

TEAM?  Seriously. TEAM???

Surely you all know about my tumultuous relationship with the V-E-T and any sort of travel required to get me there.

Still, I AM an expert on most if not all topics. So I'll cut them some slack on this one.

The Sleepypod people have been following our blog and Waffles' escapades for some time now. They invited us to their own Pet Travel Experts Blog for an exclusive Q&A. It's an adorable blog and I hear they even host an occasional giveaway, when they're not chatting it up with celebrity cats like me.

We're shutting down the comments on our blog today so you have a chance to check out our interview. There's lots of fun photos, interesting factoids and plenty of Waffles being...well, Waffles.

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