Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Voice Behind 'Katie Is...ACCUSED'

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The Voice, The Shoes
Who IS that deep-voice-talker behind "Katie Is...Accused"???
And who exactly DO those shoes belong to??? The ones with the laces pulled and chewed???
It's none other than our own Gloman. Resident photographer and cool-voice-cat-guy, though he'd NEVER admit it.

Today we're featuring a very special Gloman Q&A right here on GLOGIRLY.

KATIE:  So Gloman, we don't often talk like this. Thank you for agreeing to be interviewed for your role in my latest movie.

GLOMAN:  You don't often talk. Period.

KATIE:  So Gloman, is it true that in order to maximize the gravel in your deep movie voice you actually gargled with warm Diet Coke?

GLOMAN:  Is there a compliment in that question somewhere?

KATIE:  So Gloman, other than ME, what is your favorite part of my movie?

GLOMAN:  Seeing that justice is served.

KATIE:  And Gloman, we all know this movie was based on actual events. Regarding the allegations of Shoelace Tampering, how do you respond to my claims of innocence?  Didn't you in fact leave your shoes out, on the floor, in plain view, with the shoelaces untied???

GLOMAN:  Maybe. But I don't remember chewing them and saturating them with MY saliva.


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  1. Good interview Katie. I think you are already getting to the bottom of the case. I've been saying all along Gloman did it (he's just too innocent looking but still has shifty eyes!

  2. I LOVED Mario's comment!!! He speaks for me as well.

  3. We guessed it was Gloman's voice! Maybe he is getting too involved in this case because he is trying to divert attention away from himself?

  4. We have just been freed from lock up and went straight to vote for you. We had to have harsh words with our mum though because she wanted to keep replaying your video just to hear Gloman's voice again. We can't understand why. It's not as if he is meowing is it! We will go to the Friskies FB page now to "like", that is if we can drag mum away from here.

  5. We all guessed it was Gloman. We hope you win! And we forgot to mention that the blog looks ultra spiffy

  6. MOL Katie I think you might actually be the next Katie Curic!! Great interview
    Hugs madi

  7. Great interview of a tough subject, Katie!

    We voted for you, and helped "get the vote out" on Facebook. We SO want you to win! :)

  8. Love the new header. Well done. Hope you win the contest. The video is terrific. Take care.

  9. So, Katie, first it was Ruler of the World, and now a video award? I shouldn't have hibernated for three months. purrr....meow!

  10. We knew it was that Gloman! Now Katie, don't admit to anything.
    Benny & Lily

  11. That was a cool interview! I loved the video, watched and voted this morning!

  12. Hmmm. I think there might be entrapment involved. Or, this crime scene was a set-up to distract from some more felonious activities. Something is fishy.


  13. We like Gloman's voice, Katie...it lulls us to sleep. Of course, it doesn't take much to lull us. ;)

  14. We say, innocent until proven guilty!
    Gloman did an awesome job.

  15. MOL! Great Q&A and concatulations on being in the final. We have voted.

    The Paw Relations

  16. Heh. Gloman is clearly pretending ignorance of one of the most obvious Cat Rules out there: "Anything left on the floor for any length of time whatsoever is considered property of the cat, and the cat can use it for any purpose deemed appropriate."

  17. Great interview you gave
    No wonder your video is all the rave
    Went and voted and verified too
    Very nice to meet you

  18. OMC! What Sparkle said! That and innocent until proven guilty! It was a set-up! A scam! I smell fish! And I don't mean fresh ones, either!

    But WHY would Gloman want to implement you in this heinous kerfluffle? FOLLOW THE MONEY ... um kibble ...! "Motive" is very big here.

    PURRhaps, since he doesn't "remember "chewing them and saturating them with [his] saliva", a DNA test is appropriate here. Send off the samples!

    Selina (advocate)

    PS - We voted for you! XOXO

  19. Perhaps Gloman did it and tampered with the evidence???? It's a fit up!! :)

  20. Katie, you're way too innocent to do such a thing so it has to be Gloman! Your video was very cute!

  21. Oh Katie now I know you would never do such a thing!

    ✿•*¨`*•. ♥Abby♥Boo♥Ping♥Jinx♥Grace♥✿•*¨`*•.

  22. we CRACKED UP...this iz hilarious....!!!! we hopes ewe win katie

    awesum mewvie...we gives it 378,908,123,756,833,945,677 paws UP !!

  23. Uh huh. Case closed. (Love your new blog header and design and your video is fantastic! Our paws are crossed for your win!)

  24. Katie,
    If yous was me, me would yak in his sneakers.
    Just saying.
    (PS Me went and voted and then me had Mommy vote, and my human brother and My Daddy and Me, so far....)

  25. YES, but...IMPORTANT question here...
    Did anyone ever get out a swab and try to ram it in your cheek, Katie? If not, there's no DNA prosecution. Keep those lips tightly sealed...and show a little fang if a swab comes near.

    (You MAY need to resist temptation...those Q-Tips make for fun toys at our home!)

  26. Oooooooooooooo!!!! Loved the video :)
    Naturally you were framed ;)
    That voice is just too smooth.
    Good luck Katie!!!!
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure,JJ and Julie

  27. Gloman has a wonderful voice but he ain't exactly a fun innerview, is he? MOL

  28. Katie---uh, was Gloman really into the interview. Seems like he didn't like the Coke comment--and what's wrong with the shoelaces have a alittle bit 'o saliva on em?


  29. We were wondering if that was Waffles driving? We were just shocked he would haul Katie away like that! Or is it some other orinj hottie?

  30. Wow! Gloman is FUN! Can he be on the blog more often??

  31. The Gloman has you there, but he obviously hasn't read Sparkles' Rules we are very sure there is one that says any object left on the floor is the property of the cat and can be treated in any manner the cat likes. Which means the shoes were yours and you were entitled to chew the shoelaces.

  32. My mom have voted too and me is going to force her parents to do the same :)


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