Thursday, October 25, 2012

Here Comes Da Judge

Hi everyone, Katie here.

We're celebrating being named a finalists in Purina's "The Friskies" with some exciting behind-the-scenes exclusives.

Yesterday we introduced you to the VOICE behind "Katie Is... ACCUSED."
Today, we've invited Justice.

Meet Judge Lily, a.k.a. Lily of Two French Bulldogs fame. When we were casting this role, we knew we needed someone who would be impartial, fair and not easily influenced by catnip.

Enter Lily. Tough as nails on the outside, ok... a little nutty on the inside.  She and her brother, Benny, the other half of Two French Bulldogs, were our top two picks for the role of Judge. How did we choose?

Well, it all came down to wardrobe.  Benny, a.k.a. Cubby, was having a more than a little trouble with the black robe and wig.

Q&A With Judge Lily

KATIE:  Thanks for joining us today, Lily. I believe you're the first DOG I've ever interviewed.

LILY:  Woof.

KATIE:  So Lily, besides ME of course, what is your favorite part of the video?

LILY:  Benny told me to say he adores the Judge.

KATIE:  Did I ask what Benny's favorite part of the video was?

LILY:  Woof.

KATIE:  Ok, let's try this one again.  So Lily, what is YOUR favorite part of the video?

LILY:  When you, I mean Katie, gets handcuffed and driven away in the Police van.

KATIE:  Figures. Ok Lily, just one more question for our readers and for the world. Guilty or innocent?

LILY:  INNOCENT!  Katie is innocent.

KATIE:  Thanks, Lily. Here you can have your bone back now.

Actual courtroom scene from "Katie Is... ACCUSED"


Please visit The Friskies Facebook Page - For every comment, every like, and every vote, they are donating 5 cans of food to some very deserving shelters. They're already at over 200,000 cans!


  1. Ummm!!!... so who chewed on the shoe lace?

  2. Lily is a cutie. That's mu daughter's name too.

  3. Dang! We have only two email addresses.... Will get the one with the thumbs to create some more so we could vote more! purrr...meow!

  4. Oh boy - wait 'til you see Pricilla's blog tomorrow!

  5. Heh. That is pretty much how I expected an interview with a dog to be.

  6. love the the interview katie this is fun

  7. You're lucky you got such an understanding woofie judge, Miss Katie!

  8. A judge who has sartorial savvy is a definite bonus!! Go Lily!!!

  9. We think that the defendant may be briding the judge. Good show too, dogs is easy to bride.

    The Paw Relations

  10. Lily looks very majestic, in her robes. Good choice for judge.

  11. Dogs you can fool with ease
    Just threaten them with fleas
    Or steal their bone
    And they'll come over to your tone

  12. Judge Lily's Justice Bone sure looks yummy to us dogs!!!

  13. To quote someone who saw the video and voted, and who is familiar with courtrooms, Katie is, "...not guilty by reason of cuteness."

  14. Hmmmm...we thought judges were supposed to be impawtial! Is somecat bribing her?? ;)

  15. I love Lily and Benny!

    ps: My Mommeh and I both voted. Go Katie!

  16. haha, we love this court! It reminds us so much of courts that we know. Meow!

  17. Hey, if the Judge sez she's innocent then she INNOCENT! Katie, we won the case! Woohoo!

  18. mom is cracking up laughing.....
    are the jurors Sea-questered?
    Benny & Lily

  19. Dear Katie,
    Me thinks the whole thing is a big set up! It is so good that the guards at the jail do not notice me was a juror and lets me come in and visit yous last night. and me hopes the file helps yous out. Oh! Oh! Me hopes they is NOT Nellie the Cat From Hell followers or they will know that me visited.
    PS Me hopes yous don't minds me posting a picture of my visit.

  20. Adorable post!...Happy weekend, sweet friend...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  21. Oh my Dog! Katie is innocent! Odin or Merlin will happily to testify as a star witness.


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