Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sparkle's Cat Rules For Humans To Live By - A Must Have Calendar

Hi everyone, Katie here

Today I’m here to talk about a matter of GREAT importance. Rules. As you know, in my latest video, “Katie Is…ACCUSED,” I am charged with breaking a so-called RULE. According to Gloman, “A shoe was found. With the lace pulled.  And chewed.”  He seems to think this is some sort of rule-infraction.

Well kitties, our friend Sparkle is here to save the day. Many of you already know her well. You’ve probably even referenced her rules on many occasions in your tireless efforts to train your humans.  Those of you that don’t know Sparkle….well, you should.

Sparkle has a brand new calendar out called, “The 2013 Wall Calendar from Sparkle the Cat – CAT RULES for Humans to Live By."   It’s filled with some of her most important rules and, of course... her dazzling photographs.  

Cat Rule #561: The cuter you are when you're sleeping, the more trouble you are allowed to cause when you're awake.

I recently had a chance to talk with Sparkle about her calendar –

SPARKLE:  Kitties, don’t let your human be a rule breaker!  My 2013 calendar has 12 important Cat Rules, one for each month. I decided to have just one a month because it will probably take that long for them to sink into the stubborn human mind.  But with my calendar as help, your humans  should finish up the year smarter, more perceptive and far more well-behaved than when they started out!”

Cat Rue #32:  Humans rub feline bellies at their own risk.

Get out those credit cards out, kitties! …Zazzle is having a 25% off sale on calendars right now! Your human won’t suspect a thing. (enter code:  CALENDARTIME at checkout)

You can preview all 12 months and rules on Sparkle’s Zazzle site. You can get one for your human... AND…what an awesome gift for another kitty’s human!  Just trying to make our the world a better place.

CLICK HERE for The 2013 Wall Calendar from Sparkle the Cat - CAT RULES for Humans to Live By.

And be sure to visit Sparkle’s Blog today where she’ll be clarifying Cat Rule #97.  Gloman?  Are you listening???


Just in case you've been living under a rock for the past week...

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  1. Our Mom could definitely benefit from this calendar. MOL! Happy Sunday, Katie. xoxo

  2. My experience is that humans are very poor at following rules. I think there needs to be some sort of enforcement apparatus set up.

  3. Hi! Mistletoe here! My huMom is constantly telling my boy/man to "park these boats in the closet, please". I like the boy/man because he is very generous....and messy...with the treats. If you were a huMom you'd remind Gloman where his shoes are supposed to go. But you're a kitty. So you did what kitties do when they come across unattended shoes. Unless you went in the closet after the shoes? I think I need someone to explain to me why you're the one in handcuffs?

  4. you tell him "GLOMAN shoes belong in the closet!"

  5. oh oh this calendar is so nice ! Thank you for sharing !
    Fab Sunday Katie and Glogirly !

  6. We knew Sparkle's rules would set things right they are so handy, if only we could get the humans to memorize them (sigh).

  7. We've voted and wish you all the best lovely Katie!! We LOVED your Accused clip!!! And Wally! LOL!

    Yay for Sparkle!! Glad humans may now read and learn about these very important kitty rules!! Take care

  8. This calendar is a definite must for all humans! Good job, Sparkle!

  9. this one always needs to be reminded of our rules
    Benny & Lily

  10. I'm sending M over to order right now. We won the book recently too and it's very good.

  11. My dad would most certainly need that calender !
    My mom is already living by MY rules = she is a very good servant *mol*

  12. Thanks for reminding me we have to get our Cat Wisdom 101 calendar ready. We'll help you with a last minute push to vote for the undecideds.

  13. Oh we agree with Sparkle. Rule 97 clearly states...NO RULES were broken by a certain Black Tux Girl in da house!

  14. Dear Katie,
    Me is with yous 100%
    and we KNOWS Sparkle is the smartest cat in the blogosphere!

  15. shoes with strings attached, left unattended, on a floor or any other flat surface and to be considered the property of any feline happening upon said shoe with said strings sayeth Ceiling is must be true...

  16. Did I see someone trying to tamper with the jury? Shocking! I object to using that calendar as evidence! My next witness is Sparkle. She will tell us that NO rule was broken and my client must be freed.

  17. Our humans SO need this calendar! :)

  18. That looks like the best calendar, for sure. Thanks for that terrific review. Take care.

  19. What a great interview with Sparkle. That looks like the sort of calendar we need around here.

    The Paw Reltions

  20. Great interview!

    We wanted to let you know that we voted for your video. Good luck!


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