Saturday, June 9, 2012

Saturday Photohunt *Clean*

If Mr. Clean gets rid of grease in just a minute,
How long will take to wipe out the cat sitter?

Staycation Day 6
The other day I told you about the Pettie Awards, Dog Time's prestigious awards for excellence in pet blogging. Well one of the new award categories this year is BEST VIDEO! It's kind of right up our alley, don't you think?  So in an effort to make a CLEAN sweep (see, today it's all about CLEAN) we'd LOVE to have you nominate us for Best Blog Video. 

Sparkle pointed out in her blog that if you nominate us for that award, you have to provide a link to the actual blog post that contains the video. So here are links to our FIVE favorite videos.  Maybe one of them is your favorite too! 

The first episode of The Real Housecats Of The Blogosphere

The second episode of The Real Housecats Of The Blogosphere

Happy Birthday to ML from The Real Housecats Of The Blogosphere

Our BlogPaws Contest Video

Madonna's Katie Vogue


Don't Forget!
To include your favorite shelter with your nomination(s)!  We think PAWS of Norwalk, CT would be super grateful! (hint, hint) 

Helpful Tips
It may look like you have to use your Facebook account to make a Petties nomination.  If you don't have one, you CAN use your email. Just gotta read the fine print.

Also, you can nominate a blog(s) for different categories on the same nomination form. You can even nominate a blog in multiple categories. For example, you can nominate us for funniest blogger and best dog blog. ....oh wait, I guess the dog thing won't fly. The same goes for your shelter(s) of choice!

Glogirly says I can't get all hoggy about this. We have LOTS of awesome and deserving blogging friends that make us smile day after day.  So from the bottom of my tiny, crusty kitty heart...THANK YOU. xo

Please follow me. I promise it will be fun.

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  1. We nominated you for the one Sparkle picked so that we would be sure to start a trend! HE HE HE.

  2. Thanks fur providing the vital info, Katie!

  3. It's going to take more than Miss Clean to wipe out the cat sitter, Katie! But you could try! :)

  4. I love ALL your videos! I wish I could vote more than once a day!

  5. When it comes to those awards I hope you clean up!

  6. We nominated you for the one Sparkle picked too!!!

    The Florida Furkids and Lexi

  7. Oh Brian... that sure was a clever comment and I nominate you for best post comment!! We love your videos, but, naturally, Season 2 of the Real Housecats is our favorite!! We also love the PAWS group and think they are a great choice!!

    Best of luck to all the pawsome bloggers - this is such a tough contest because there are just so many great, talented, dedicated, and loving bloggers out there to choose from!!

  8. I haven’t quite got the hang of voting :( Is it your nominated charity, or mine?

    First season of Real Housecats of course was ace :)) xox

    Katie are you about to commit catsittericide?

  9. We'd say you've got this category in the bag! Best of luck.

  10. Katie...we see you have your earring in the right side ear...does that mean Miss Salem has a chance?

  11. We voted for your first Housecats video

  12. Ok, we nominated the Housecats video. That was so good. Hope you win.

  13. Um. Katie, I hates to tell you this, but it looks like your Glogirly's skipping her Photoshop Meetings, MOL!!

  14. Katie with your talents in motion pictures you are sure to make the clean sweep in the petties.

  15. Miss Clean! We think they should replace the bald guy with you. Perminantly!

  16. Miss Clean!! LOL!! It should wipe out cat sitter so quickly :-)

  17. nominated you for best are a no-brainer for that category

  18. Done Done and Done!
    Me thinks walking between the cat sitters legs at the top of the stairs might be a thing to try.

  19. I think it will take a lot of Miss Clean to wipe out the cat sitter. Thank you for all the information on the Petties. I hope you win.


  20. I prefer you to Mr. Clean ! at least you have some fur on your head !

  21. We nominated the Housecats video also - love it!!
    Also, where can I purchase some Miss Clean?? ;o)

  22. Hey Katie,

    I love ALL your videos - they're super fun, but I think you forgot to list THE best one (unless I'm confused) - what about Season 2 Episode 2? That was my fave!! Tee Hee

    I think it will be a clean sweep for you in the awards Katie - you rock!! :)

    Have fun (and I hope lottsa Mischief!!)

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  23. Oh Katie, I hope you win, cause you are bewteefuls and talented. xoxoxox


  24. Me too nominated The Real Housecats video and keep my paws crossed for you to win !
    Can I order some MISS Clean too ??!! *MOL*

  25. I think you got this in the bag!!! And your humans...*sigh* well, Glogiry does buy you the litter...


  26. Thanks for all the info. We need to get the mom on the ball about this!


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