Monday, June 18, 2012

Pre BlogPaws

Hi everyone, Flat Katie Here.

Glogirly and I have been hard at work preparing for the big trip to BlogPaws this week. The real Katie is not much of a conference cat. Not real keen on road trips either. So Glogirly is bringing me, Flat Katie.  I'm Katie's stunt double, ready to take one for the team. Dogs, ferrets, birds, smelly humans, loud noises...bring 'em on!

There's going to be lots of fun swag at BlogPaws. Even so, we're coming with our OWN swag! Look at the cool things we 're packing!

Our super-savvy business cards came from We designed them ourselves and placed the order online.  It couldn't have been easier.  Lots of paper stock and finish options, great customer service and very reasonable prices. We LOVE them.  Pretty soon Glogirly and I will be launching an online design business. So if you need design help with your own, we'll be here for you!

And see that funky black and white square code?  It's called a QR code. People can scan it with their smart phones and be instantly teleported over to our contact page. We generated the code online at Kawya and just worked it into the business card design.  We made sure that our CONTACT PAGE was updated with our email and follow buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Blogger & YouTube. We even added in a fun photo and a little somethin-somethin about us and our blog. It's like an online business card. Great for someone who maybe has never visited our blog before.

Even though Glogirly is pretty sure there will be pens galore at BlogPaws, she wanted to have something fun for a few of her catty furiends. (ok, maybe a couple dogs too.)  We got them from Discount Mugs.  We used their design template and it was super easy to make them look oh-so-Glogirly!

Glogirly's iPhone is always in hand. We thought it was time to Glogirlize it.  A snappy pink bumper, a cool wristlet case and of course a photo of ME. (and her) Staying in touch was never so stylish.

Oh and one last thing...check out this cool bag we designed on CafePress! This is for my swag. Well, at least SOME of my swag. Glogirly's got a whole extra suitcase for the big stuff. heh heh

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  1. Your human is WAY more prepared than mine is, Katie! She has no swag to speak of, except for bookmarks that nearly everyone already has. She's having a hard enough time scheduling my blogposts in advance!

  2. whoa, Glogirly is WAY WAY more prepared than my mom was when she went to BlogPaws a couple of years ago...she didn't have business cards or anything...only flat me....and I had a great time.

    Hope Glogirly loves it and has a great time!

  3. My human just got regular old business cards and nothing else. I wasn't sure if your human was going for some reason or I'd have mentioned you in my post! But, our humans must be careful--the Woman has the same pink bumper on her phone!

  4. That is sum impressive swag! Mebbe you could have a little fun wif the flat Katie before she leaves?

  5. That's such cool stuff! Love your cards! We're going to check out SmartPress...

  6. All of a sudden one feels very inadequate!! :: backs away slowly::

    PeeEss have a great time Glogirly. Just think of the cuddles you can have with Flat Katie. Might make 3D Katie jealous ;)

  7. Wow, that's great stuff!!

    The Florida Furkids and Lexi

  8. Your mom is very creative. We especially think the pink pen is cool.

  9. Wowwee! That's some cool stuff you got, Katie and Glorgirly! You two are gonna be all over BlogPaws!

  10. Very cool stuff! You must be so excited.
    Hope the cat sitter for the real Katie gives lots of kisses and treats.
    Well, not too many treats...

  11. Whoa! You should've gotten a booth for all that stuff! Last year TW axed for the cat swag bag and found all DOG stuff so she returned it only to find that both bags were the same. Hope you have better luck. She brought home tons and Greenies and Temptations, but no toys. One thing I know is that the tshirts this year are much nicer. Oh, can I have the Katie pop in either chocolate or orange creamsicle?

  12. Mommy is green with envy! She couldn't go. Say, maybe Glogirly will have sudden urge to gamble?

  13. That's some pawsome swag that you are bringing along to BlogPaws. Along with your flat representative it should be an awesome blogpaws.

  14. great job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We made cards too and had our Flat Pets made by PancakePets who did an amazing and life-like job!

    BlogPaws gave us bags last year...(oh and to CK's comment, this year there are swag bags for cats, dogs and those like myself who have BOTH) that what happened last year will not be happening again.

  15. Looks like you will have a lot of fun. I still think you could stop by as you go through on Rte 90

  16. That's some pretty awesome swag! I'm just going to have plain old white business cards :( I'll have to do a better job next year.

    See you soon!

  17. OMC !
    What great stuff Glogirly have fixed for BlogPaws !
    My mom sooooo much wish she could have traveled to BlogPaws too !

  18. Awesome! It sounds like Glogirly is all set. I can't wait to hear all about it!

  19. Katie,

    You blow me away with your style - and you're super organized - me thinks you're just being nice to Glogirly, cos we all know she's just been lolling around on vacation, I think you did all the hard work whilst you were home alone? Right? :)

    Love your gear :)

    So looking forward to meeting your Glogirly :)

    Your Doggie pal Snoopy :)

  20. I sooo need GGs services!!

    I need a blog redo and fancy stuff. I'm a kitten and you know we have to be up to date on all the technology.

  21. Holy moly Katie THAT is


    Your girls is well prepared and we know she is going have lots of fun.


  22. Glogirly just got home and is about to leave again? The Nerve!!!

  23. Wow, your mom is really on the ball! That's some great stuff.

  24. That is Way Cool Swag! Mommy does ours at VistaPrint but wes don't get all the extras and colors likes yous has...but then me is not getting to go to BlogPaws

  25. you are going to knock the socks off of the other pawticipants....Katie...this may be just another lame excuse for a vacation!!
    Benny & Lily

  26. FaRADaY: OOH! OOH! OOH! I hear there's an orange creamsicle katie pop!

    Maxwell: DUDE! We're so in! We love cream!

    Allie: *facepaw* I'm sooooooo embarrassed.....

  27. My Human is so lame she barely knows what BlogPaws is and just gives me a blank stare when I say I should get some Spitty swag. Like what? she asks. And then says nastily that maybe Band-aids might be appropriate.

    Sigh. Sarcasm is soooo unattractive.

  28. O hai! I bet that place is really fun. :)

  29. You go girls!!! this stuff look so cool :)


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