Monday, April 30, 2012

Teacher's Pets

L-R: Bugs, Malou, Austin, Salem

Hi everyone, Miss Katie here.

Well what do you know! A few of my students were actually paying attention last week to my How To GIF lesson. If they plan on bribing me with that apple to get a good grade, well they've chosen the wrong food group. Speak to me in salmon, pupils.

Apples aside, the students did an awesome job on their very first GIF's.  (that's animation for those of you who slept through class last week.)

Check Out The Students & Their Work

NSrIb4 on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs
Meet BUGS from Catself
Bugs did his level best to explain the fine art of Giffing to his human.  Must have taken a long time though considering all the extra shuteye he got in.  Not to mention the disinterest he showed when his eyes were actually OPEN.  Half way.

RLq7UM on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs
Meet MALOU from Critters In The Cottage  
Malou exhibited by far the most patience with her human's Giffing attempts. Note the erect posture and interested tilt of her head.  But her glazed over eyes tell a different story.  A *do-you-have-it-now?*  *ok-how-about-now?*  *now?*  *please-Cod-now?* story.

And meet AUSTIN, from CATachresis 
With a blog name like that, he BETTER be a good student.  The jury's still out on whether that's an indifferent yawn or a *bloody-hurry-up-already* followed by obvious disdain.  I'm guessing the latter.  Word across the pond is that Austin's human has been playing around with Photoshop into the wee hours.  That can only lead to worldwide web embarrassment.  Given that, Austin's display is appropriate indeed.

Well done, students!  For your efforts I give you each a VERY respectable A-minus. I had to take SOMETHING off for the apple gaff. Next time, show me some salmon. 

Pee S:  If I've missed anyone, just let me know and I'll display your GIF and a link to your blog!  Thanks for coming to class.

Salem from the Katnip Lounge 
did HIS homework over the weekend! Way to go, Salem!  Not THAT'S how you get extra credit!  Shake your GIF, Salem.


  1. Very stars to all or at least throw them a fish
    Benny & Lily

  2. Very good, indeed. We saw that Katnip Lounge did a GIF, too. It was sassy!

  3. Very good - I like most about yawning cat

  4. Me too think they did a great job on the GIF`s !
    Me too have seen the sassy one that Katnip Lounge did the other day :)

  5. I've seen some of the other ones but not these! They are awesome!

  6. Hey Bugs! Look what GG and Katie did! Bugs! BUGS!! Bugs?

    Help. He's still asleep. He's breathing, at least . . . .

    Well -- BEAN is totally thrilled . . It's 2:15 Monday morning. The week looms. Too much excitement over here. Fang thinks I should pull the plug. Fang NO! Fang -- STOP it! FANG!!! I wanna see Katnip Lounge! STOP!!

    Chaos in the house. Must go. LOVE YOU GUYS!

  7. Hehehe, thanks indeedy Miss Katie :-) It's gifs galore from now on!!

    Ahem! Austin would just like to point out that the apple was not his idea! Creep creep ...... ;)

    Katnip Lounge proffered the tush of disdain quite superbly as only KL can do!!

    Have a great week xox

  8. Thank you Miss Katie! These are so much fun.
    You're a good teacher.

  9. adorable! Shame on them for not bringing salmon!!!

    I have decided to remain a "Sweat Hog"

    Love, Cody

  10. We just made ours, too! Thank you!

  11. We gives them all 5 paws up!

  12. Very good! We love Salem's butt-wiggle!!

    We made a gif too...well, Wally did. He'll be showing everybuddy on What's That Wally Doing? Wednesday.

  13. Salem’s tush is splendid :-}

    I think you’ve started a fad, Katie lol

  14. We love Salem's tail and sweet Malou tilting her head the best.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx x

  15. Look at all those Copy Cats, although one is more original than the next. You missed Katie Isabel and Spitty that I can think of offhand.

  16. Yup, you sure have a bunch of good students. Everyone is jumping and twitching. Well done. Take care.

  17. Thank you for the lesson, Katie! We're doing some practice gifs at the moment. :)

  18. We're loving these. We tried a gif last year and it made us dizzy. A slower speed is a good idea.

  19. They were all great. M said she'll try to do one some time this week, but she's a slow learner. he he

  20. Well, Katie, I give an A+ for being such a good teacher! You deserve it.

  21. These are awesome, you are a wonderful teacher, darling Katie!...We really loved Salem's photo :)...Happy week ahead, sweet friend...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  22. You are a very good teacher Katie and next time I will be sure to bring you some salmon -fresh from the westcoast of B.C.!
    It's fun to be teacher's pet!

    Malou xoxoxo

  23. It was fun to see everyone's GIFs!

  24. I have just posted my gif for Tummy Tuesday. Thanks for being such a good teacher Katie and I have brought you some yummy fresh salmon.

  25. These are so much fun! Everybuddy sure did a terrific job. Thank you, Katie and Glogirly for teaching us how to .GIF. We just published the one we made on our blog ... we hope you like it! :)


  26. Me! Katie!! ME!!!! I did mine on today's post!! I want an A- too!!!

  27. Oh and Katie, before my Delicious Salem Hurts You Bad? She's a HER ;-)

  28. Cool! Excellent work all. We failed, of course. The mom SAID she would, but then said she had "yard work". So what if the plants she dug up went into shock before she planted them. She'll probably kill them anyway.

  29. P.S. Do U need a job Katie? Cuz the Human said she'd hire you to teach at her school!! None of her students EFUR paid so much attention or got so many A's on their homework!

  30. Katie, your students did well. You are a good teacher! Purrs!

  31. Oh wow, they all did great. Our mommy is still looking for photos to use (we are doing our best to help her).

    Kitty Kisses,
    Cindi Lou and The Kitty Krew

  32. Nice animated gifts anyone, but I didn't see any puppies? Oh yeah, blog...

  33. MOL, Salem has tail and he knows how to use it. But they were all great.

    As our human is lazy and disinclined to work for us. We will just have to bribe you with catnip and mice to overlook the fact we haven't done our assignment.

  34. Those are great. Giffing is fun. Photoguy did one of me some time ago. I look totally cool, especially if you play the music with it.


  35. We hadn't seem Salem's GIF - Pawesome students, indeed! (yeah we woulda docked 'em for the APPLE too. Unless it was an Apple branded iPawd, at which point we would have grudgingly given them the full A.)


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