Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Katie Lite

Hi everyone, Katie here.

This just in - Troubling news from Idaho. Very troubling indeed. I have been replaced.

Word on the street indicates Glogirly has been seen hanging out with an imposter. A poser. ...a...a-nother CAT!

I'm all touched that Glogirly obviously misses me. Who wouldn't? But come on. Katie Lite? Katie Lite (a.k.a. Dawn) is a friend and colleague of Glogirly's. They've been "working" together out in that crazy Idaho place for what seems like a hundred cat years.

My suspicion meter is high. VERY high. I don't know about you, but this does NOT look like WORK to me:

Katie Lite and Glogirly.
WORKING at the Lake.

Katie Lite again.
Nice wide-mouth bass, Katie Lite.
...apparently Katie Lite's palette is not
sophisticated enough to appreciate Salmon.

Champagne. Can you believe it!
I'm seething.

Nice tail, Katie Lite.
You are an embarrassment to cats across the country.

Glogirly better not have any long-term plans with this Katie Lite. She had best leave Katie Lite back in Idaho where she belongs. The townhouse...correction, the WORLD is only big enough for one Katie.


  1. Katie, surely we must have friends in Idaho who can make this "Katie Lite" disappear. That is just unacceptable behaviour from Glogirly.

  2. Katie! I am so glad you are back blogging!!!! You and GG and GM were missed. Well, you more than GG & GM, of course.

  3. Oh, you are SO right! This Katie Lite must go!

  4. don't know how you got dawn to do this. but i am enjoying it! have fun, ladies! :)

  5. I sure hope a new day is not "Dawn"ing. I'm sure it will "Dawn" on GG that you are the ONLY cat she needs.

    Working at the lake? Right...

  6. What is Glogirly thinking? hanging out and drinking champagne with a Katie imposter? What is the world coming to?

  7. No one could EVER replace you, Katie!!!

    It doesn't look to us like Glogirly is working, either...

  8. Katie, we know no cat can take your place!!!

  9. Katie, we think GloGirly is showing off with this new imposter. You had BETTER let her know "what's up" when she get back from the Potato Place.

  10. Such a fun post, but seriously, Katie, we understand=Glogirly should be home with you instead of partying her way through Idaho with Katie Lite!...Oh, the shame=we're assuming you will get LOTS of extra treats when she drags herself home :)...kisses, sweet girl...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  11. Katie you are irreplaceable!


  12. Katie Lite? No way!!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  13. Katie, that is no way Katie lite - you are not replaceable even with a lite version! We think that Glogirly just needs to go home to you immediately and beg for your forgiveness for this huge indiscretion!

  14. Oh, dear! We think this is absolutely unacceptable. How can Glogirly spend her time with Katie Lite like this when she has the real deal waiting for her? We just don't understand!!!


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