Monday, October 4, 2010

10K Proof

Hi everyone, Katie here.

Well Glogirly actually made it through the big 10 Katies run last Saturday. It was very cold and very early in the morning. Since Glogirly doesn't have the luxury of a beautiful fur coat like mine, she was forced to wear her down parka to keep her toasty until the race began.

Stretching is important. I'm her stretching coach.

The TC 10K started in front of the Minnesota State Capitol. That's in Saint Paul. Glogirly had to wait patiently without her parka on for the race to begin.

Waiting in the cold.

Once the pack took off, they wound up the street to the Saint Paul Cathedral. The route took them through the beautiful neighborhoods of Summit Avenue lined with pretty fall colors and then back again to the Capitol.

Glogirly says that little hill leading up to the
Cathedral may as well have been Mt. Everest.

Finish Line Phew!

Glogirly said the most beautiful part of the race was the finish line. It took her 62 minutes and 39 seconds to run 10 Katies. I mean 10K. Or rather, 6.21371192 miles. Sounds like way more than 10 Katies to me.


  1. Wow, you did a great run. That is a beautiful area but I bet the hill was a killer. This is the great report the ace cat reporter.

  2. We're so proud of GG! What a great accomplishment!

  3. Bravo to GG! What a good coach you are Katie! I loved the stretching photo the most! Your mommy always looks so pretty - even when she is running a race!

  4. Katie, your Girl is inspirational!
    Give her an extra purr for us.

  5. Well done GG! That is such a great accomplishment! Are you going to do a marathon next year?

  6. We think our mom needs to get busy like your GG. Can you spare one of the 10 Katies?

  7. Your human did a great run, Katie! She did it in a really good time too! My human could not run 6 10-minute miles... or 10 6-minute Katies! I'm sure your coaching helped lots.

  8. A B~~I~~G ConCats to GG~!!! Mom's lucky to run up the stairs! (Shhhh, don't tell her we said that!)

  9. That is really awesome that Glogirly did that! Tell her that Mom and I say congratulations! And good for you for being her stretching coach. Well done there, because stretching is important.

  10. Good for her! Katie, you should be very proud of GG!

  11. ConCatulations to your Mom!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  12. That is some pretty scenery. Maybe it made the run more fun for GG!
    Congrats to her~
    ~ Anna Sue

  13. Congrats to your girl, Katie!! That's quite an accomplisment. Our mom couldn't run 1K let alone 10!!

  14. Way to go, GloGirly! Your mom looks so healthy and glowing!


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