Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I'm not sure who this Bach guy is

Based on an overwhelming response to my blogging talents, (our friend Muti likened me to Greta Garbo,) glogirly has officially passed off the keyboard and mouse to me.  

Now this blog is MINE, ALL MINE!  Mitts off.  I vant to be alone.

So yesterday glogirly had her piano lesson.  Man, I thought I'd NEVER get some me-time.  I have to listen to her bang out Mr. Big-Daddy Bach day and night.  I'm not sure who this Bach guy is, but glogirly can sure find creative ways of using his name.  She says Bach is a four letter word.  I don't know what that means either.  I like hanging out by the piano though.  Sometimes I even jump up on the bench behind her when she's playing just to scare her and make her mess up.  

My favorite songs are You Are My Sunshine, Happy Birthday and 
She's My Katie Girl.  I'm okay with that Chopin guy too.

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