Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Cat's Life Is Just Not Fair

Hi everyone, Katie here.

It looked like such a great day. Things started out as they usually do. Birds chirping. Alarm dinging. Water running. Electric toothbrush humming. I fly down the steps. It's time for the most important of Glogirly's morning tasks. My breakfast. I get a measly half bowl and she's off. Gave me that "be back soon, Kitty" crap.

Hours later I hear the garage door. Finally.

She's got bags!
Shopping bags!!
I see a Pet Smart bag!!!

A new toy perhaps? Ooooh, a LeeAnn Chin bag. Yum. And what's that in the bottle...Fish Oil Capsules! Oh my, she shouldn't have.

Well she didn't. She dined lavishly on stir fry and didn't offer a morsel. She tucked those beautiful golden capsules of Omega 3 love away with her vitamins. Wouldn't even let me bat one around. What came next really hurt. No new cat toy. Just more anti-gingivitis food God, a HARNESS & LEASH. Since Larson the guinea pig is already dead, I'm afraid this can only mean one thing.

Pink bondage. This is my future.


  1. Hi, your name is Katie and you are a cat ?
    My name is Cathy and I love cats.
    I would like to be a cat !
    See you soon

  2. Hi Cathy, yes I am a cat. A very smart and good looking cat. Thank you for following my blog. I see you are French! I've always wanted to see human, glogirly, has and she thought it was beautiful. Her friend Jamie has been learning how to speak French. She loves it when he speaks to her in French, even though she doesn't understand what he is saying. He has two 'les felins.'

    Au revoir pour maintenant.

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog because then I followed the link back to yours. I love it!


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