Sunday, November 5, 2023

While the Kitties are Nose to Nose, Glogirly Welcomes a New Ski Season


ELLIE:  Have you seen Glogirly, Mr. Waffles?

WAFFLES:  Zzzzzz....

ELLIE:  I think she's out playing on the snow again.

WAFFLES:  Zzzzzzzzz...

ELLIE:  I hope she has a warm jacket and stuff. Mittens.

WAFFLES:  Zzzz...

ELLIE:  Ok then. I guess I'll go back to –

WAFFLES:  Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz...

ELLIE:  Sleep...Zzzz...

Early AM Beautiful

Ski season has officially kicked off in Colorado! Though only a few ski areas are open with very limited runs, you-know-who is already out there stretching her ski legs!

It was opening day at Eldora Ski Resort, so Glogirly and her ski buddy left early to beet the crowds. The sunrise was spectacular! 

And when they pulled into the parking lot, a huge rainbow appeared right over the ski area. They're thinking this means it's going to be a GREAT ski season. 

Ski like a cat-girl!


  1. Wow, you kitties look a lot cozier than that snowy mountain view!!
    That sunrise and rainbow were beautiful!
    Ski well, have fun and stay safe!

  2. For me, Waffles and Ellie have the right idea, but more power to ya, Glogirly!

  3. We think you two are smart to stay where it's warm.

  4. Ellie and Waffles you have the right idea to snuggle in while Glogirly goes 🎿 gorgeous sunset fabulous rainbow.Have


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