Sunday, July 30, 2023

Where On Earth is Glogirly?!


WAFFLES:  Whoa, Ellie!!! Watch out for the rocks! And the LLAMAS!!!

ELLIE:  I'm just looking for Glogirly, Mr. Waffles! She said she was hiking with the llamas. 

WAFFLES:  Ellie, I don't think you're old enough for a drivers license. Or tall enough.

ELLIE:  Mr. Llama, Mr. Llama! Have you seen –

Glogirly and the Llamas

Glogirly is off on a backcountry hiking journey with 4 friends and 6 LLAMAS! They're trekking through the wilderness in southern Colorado at 12,500+ feet. Camping in a tent and everything! This is quite a big deal for our former city-girl! No internet, no indoor plumbing, in fact no plumbing at all! 

Check back with us next week for a full report! 


  1. Well now! A llama ride! Who'd of thought?

  2. Careful driving Ellie hope you and Waffles find Glogirly xx😻🐈‍⬛🐾

  3. Oh Wow that's quite the adventure Glogirly!! Waffles and Ellie will miss you lots💞 Take Care and be safe 💓

  4. Whew ! For a minute we thought she was up in the Andes with the native llamas. At least she is a bit closer to Katie and Waffles.

  5. Hope she didn't melt in all the hot weather there. But it sounds like a great adventure!


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