Monday, July 17, 2023

I Wanna Hold Your Paw 🎶


ELLIE:  And when I touch you, (Mr. Waffles) I feel happy...inside. ♩♬

WAFFLES:  That's great, Ellie. But I'm kind of sleeping.

ELLIE:  It's such a feelin' that my love...I can't hide. I can't hide. I CAN'T HIDE! ♩♬

WAFFLES:  Yeah, you can't hide. Heard you the first time, Ellie.

ELLIE:  I wanna hold your paaa-aaa-aaa-aaa-aa-aa-aa-aw. I wanna hold your paw. ♩♬

WAFFLES:  Sleeping, Ellie. Trying. To. Sleep.

ELLIE:  I wanna hold your paaa-aaa-aaa-aaa-aa-aa-aa-aw. ♩♬

WAFFLES:  Still trying. So. Very. Hard. 

ELLIE:  Where'd you go, Mr. Waffles. I still WANNA HOLD YOUR PAAAAAWW! ♩♬

Just Another Day in the Office

Monday through Friday, plus weekends too, Ellie and Waffles show up for office duty. Their primary workspace is the blue chair next to Gloman's desk. Doesn't even matter if Gloman shows up for work, they're always there. 

And now that it's summer, the office heats up quickly in the morning. PURRfect for office work, a.k.a. cat napping.

These two are so very dedicated. 


  1. Purrfect made me & mom's day we think Waffles will be back soon how can he resist such a gorgeous girl and sweet voice.xx😻🐈‍⬛🐾

  2. Time to put Ellie and Waffles on the payroll; they've surpassed their un-paid intern qualifications.

  3. Awww, yes, paw pups like to curl up together too...not too often but sometimes.

    You kitties are just too sweet for words!!


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