Sunday, October 23, 2022

Too Cool for Cat School

WAFFLES:  What. Haven't you ever seen a cat wearing a hoodie blanket with cat ears before? 

ELLIE:  I've seen Glogirly wearing her hoodie blanket before. It's kind of big on you, Mr. Waffles. Don't you think?

WAFFLES:  Big??? It's not big, Ellie, it's cool.

ELLIE:  But it's a blanket, Mr. Waffles. It's supposed to be warm, not cool. 

WAFFLES:  You don't get it, Ellie. It's COOL. I'M cool.

ELLIE:  Then you better bundle up. Winter's coming, you know. 

WAFFLES:  You still don't get it. It's all about being cool. Mancat-cool.

ELLIE:  I think you need help warming up, Mr. Waffles. I'm coming in!

About Today's Photos

Glogirly took today's photos from the vantage point of her lap while she and Gloman were binging their Netflix stories. It was a little chilly so she was curled up under her hooded cat wrap/blanket. When she realized that Waffles had curled up under the hood, she couldn't resist turning her phone on selfie mode. LOL!!! 

PSSST! In case you were wondering, Glogirly's cat ears hoodie blanket is from CatLadyBox. And yes, she LOVES it. 


  1. Mr. Waffles DOES look cool (and cute, too) under that hoodie. But helping him stay warm with some snuggles sure was nice of you, Ellie. :)

  2. That hoodie is perfect for you, Waffles! You should give it a try too, Ellie..then you too can be 'cool'!

  3. Waffles looks *very* stylish and so cool he's hot, so hot he's cool! I'd love to snuggle with that handsome mancat!

  4. You definitely look cool Waffles such gorgeous photos of you and Ellie.x😻


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