Monday, October 3, 2022

He Must Work Out


WAFFLES:  Time for my daily workout. Gotta maintain my mancatly physique for the ladies. 

ELLIE:  I didn't know you worked out, Mr. Waffles!

WAFFLES:  Duh. Of course I workout, Ellie. This kind of handsome doesn't just happen. It takes dedication. Commitment–

ELLIE:  But Mr. Waffles, your legs aren't long enough to reach the pedals on that bike.

Mr. Handsome

Waffles had his biannual senior wellness check up last week. Don't tell him he's a senior...he'd never buy it. Mr. Handsome passed his bloodwork panel with flying colors. 

When comparing older photos of Waffles to today, it's pretty clear he's filled out a bit. Fortunately most of that is muscle. Probably from leaping tall doors in, well almost, a single jump. And bouncing off the walls on his nightly zoomies track.

 WAFFLES:  Zoomies? What zoomies?


  1. Waffles if you are that limber and mobile, you are fit as any kitty could want to be. Ellie keeps you on your!
    Do you help with the zoomies,, Ellie??
    They are a lot of fun, as our pups even would tell you. LOL!

  2. I got my senior blood work done too and all is well. However I do have a snotty nose and they are trying to figure out why.

  3. We suspect that Ellie sometimes gives you a workout Waffles !

  4. We're glad Waffles got a good report. Raz had his senior blood work last week too and all is well.

  5. It's hard to believe Waffles is a senior now..wasn't he just a kitten yesterday..

  6. Your looking very fit and handsome Oliver we love you both.xx😻


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