Monday, October 10, 2022

Hello, Glogirly?! Calling Glogirly!


WAFFLES:  Hello, Glogirly??? You've been gone for're coming home soon, right? Gloman's been doing a pretty good job with breakfast and dinner and stuff. But Ellie's being all kitten-y and stuff. 

ELLIE:  Whaddya mean I'm all kitten-y??? 

WAFFLES:  Super kitten-y, Glogirly. Ellie's horning in on my mancat time with Gloman.

ELLIE:  Horning in? You mean like a trumpet? Or a trombone-y thing?

WAFFLES:  Hurry, Glogirly. Hurry.

About Today's Story

Glogirly jetted off late last week to visit her California family. She's probably galavanting around the state with her Aunt Dorothy, eating lots of yummy food, visiting with cousins and stuff, and enjoying the sunshine. Of course she's TOTALLY missing the kitties. ...and will likely come home with DOG hair on her luggage. 

Gloman has been doing an EXCELLENT job taking care of everything. He always fills the breakfast and dinner dishes a little extra full. And he's the best cuddle ever.


  1. Just be glad both of them did not leave you in a cat spa, or with a sitter...or even all alone - perish *that* thought,

  2. We're sure Glogirly will be back soon as long as you have Gloman X😻

  3. Excellent princess phone, Waffles!
    Am sure my Barbie had one just like that.
    Ellie, just keep up the good work, and Glogirly will be back again before you know it.

  4. We're sure Glogirly misses you and will be back soon. Purrs

  5. Glogirly is cheating with a *gasphorror* DOG?!?! Shameless! Absolutely shameless! She leaves you, and then dares to cavort with one of *them*? I'd refuse to acknowledge her when she returns. She'd be dead to me. ;D


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