Sunday, September 25, 2022

Visiting the Fairy God Kitties

ELLIE:  Mr. Waffles, do you know where Glogirly is? She said, "see you soon, kitties," like a hundred years ago.

She's visiting the fairy god kitties in Boston, Ellie. She'll be home soon.

ELLIE:  What's a fairy god kitty, Mr. Waffles.

WAFFLES:  I'm not totally sure. Sounds a little like a cartoon or something. But she's visiting her godmother. And her godmother has kitties. 

ELLIE:  Are they fairies? Like with wings and sparkles and stuff?

WAFFLES:  Pretty sure they just have fur like us. 

ELLIE:  I think I want to be a fairy with sparkles and stuff. 

WAFFLES:  Do you think you could be a quiet fairy, Ellie. I'm trying to sleep here. 

It's the Fairy God Kitties!

Glogirly has been cheating on Ellie and Waffles. She's been shacking up with her godparents and their TWO cats. She's going to be coming home with all sorts of suspicious fur on her clothes and suitcase. 

RUSTY:  Suspicious? I don't look suspicious. I'm innocent, I swear.

BUDDY:  What you mean, Rusty. You're ALWAYS suspicious. 

RUSTY:  If I'm so suspicious, how come YOU'RE the one that has to get locked up in the bathroom for breakfast. 

BUDDY:  Exactly. 

That's right, Rusty can't be trusted around Buddy's breakfast. So why is it that Buddy is the one in the bathroom?! LOL!


  1. Oh, MY!! You'll have a lot of sniffing to do and rubbing and re-rubbing on your Glogirly when she gets back, Waffles and Ellie!

    PS: Buddy and Rusty are gorgeous kitties...not fairy like at all, MOL!

  2. I don't like it if mum comes home smelling of other kits or woofs.

  3. Waffles has competition for the most handsomest cat here with Rusty....
    Both lovely cats as are Waffles and Miss Ellie!


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