Sunday, August 7, 2022

Boyz and Girlz


ELLIE:  Mr. Waaaaaafffles! Whatcha doing down there? 

WAFFLES:  You know, the usual. Just looking handsome for all my girlfriends.

ELLIE:  Can I look handsome with you too?

WAFFLES:  It's kind of a mancat thing, Ellie. 

ELLIE:  A mancat thing? 

WAFFLES:  You're kind of know, like Glogirly. What with all that eyeliner and all.

About Today's Photos

Every time we share one of Ellie's photos, we hear about her beautiful eyeliner. It's pretty hard to be jealous of a little kitty, but Glogirly sure would sure love it if she could apply eyeliner as purr-fectly as Miss Ellie! That's one of those elusive makeup tricks Glogirly has never been able to master.

It just so happens that Ellie's little pink nose is the color of Glogirly's lip gloss too.  Glogirly may be part cat, and Ellie sure is part Glogirly. 💕


  1. Yeah Ellie, Waffles maybe handsome (me too), but you are beauty-full. PS. Mum can't do eyeliner either.

  2. Ellie looks purrfect in her eyeliner and sweet pink nose.

  3. I've always loved Ellie's eye liner and Roary has a pink nose too!


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