Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Halloween Hats & Cats

WAFFLES:  Hey Boss, can I borrow your hat?

KATIE:  You can HAVE my hat. 

WAFFLES:  Cool! It matches my dress. 

KATIE:  You do realize that dresses are typically for girls don't you? And by girls, I mean the two-legged kind. No self-respecting cat would be seen in purple satin, not to mention a tulle skirt. 

WAFFLES:  Tool skirt? You mean like for my tape measure and hammer and stuff?

KATIE:  *sigh*

WAFFLES:  I bet the ladies really like a mancat who knows where to put his tools.

KATIE:  Waffles, I'm not going to touch that one. This is supposed to be a G-rated blog. 

Halloween Flashback - 2013
Waffles' first Halloween and Waffles' first dress. (!) Apparently, the warlock costumes were all sold out. No worries though. Ever since he was just a few months old, Waffles has been very comfortable embracing his feminine side. Today, almost five years later, he's still trying to get Katie to embrace his feminine side. Ok, he just wants her to embrace any of his sides.

We were all just playing around with costumes on a Saturday afternoon in October. Katie and Waffles are both very good sports when it comes to wearing their harnesses. So occasionally we try out a costume as long as it's styled like a harness. But we've since hung up our hats. Both Katie and Waffles have decided that cats in hats are much better in Dr. Seuss books.

Happy Halloween!
Please stay safe everyone, and enjoy some fun-sized treats. Glogirly sure has been enjoying hers! Apparently, she forgot that we don't get any trick or treaters here in the mountains. Or maybe she didn't. LOL!


  1. Happy Halloween! We don’t mind not having trick or treaters either.

  2. enjoy the treats Glogirly!! as for Waffles, at least his girlfriends are willing to embrace him MOL

  3. Waffles you look awesome! But we're glad you got to hang up your hats!

  4. Katie, we know that you love that hunk'o'Waffles!
    Happy Halloween!

  5. True mancats wear dresses, Waffles ! Happy Halloween ! Purrs

  6. We refused to wear real costumes this year. Have a spooktacular Halloween!

  7. Mum always gets more candy than she needs. We had all but 30 kids of all ages tonight. I just snoozed through it all. Hope you had a good Halloween.

  8. Happy Meowloween, Katie, Waffles and Glogirly! Here’s hoping you got more treats than tricks!

  9. You guys look great - my chances of getting miss pops into any kind of costume are zero.


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