Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Who Yawned It Better?

WAFFLES:  Ready, Boss? On your mark, get set – 


KATIE:  Yeeeeeee-awwwww-uuuuhnn–


KATIE:  That was a scream, Waffles. Totally a scream.

About Today's Photos
Katie and Waffles have been spending more and more time lounging in tandem. And in close proximity. The bedroom chair is a coveted spot with a great view of the mountains, trees, and birds. Not that it really matters considering their eyes are usually closed while they slumber the hours away.

The top of the back cushion is definitely the primo spot, while the ottoman is first runner-up. 

Surprisingly, Katie and Waffles have been taking turns. One day Waffles will be on top. The next day Katie will be on top. We're not sure if there's a sign-up sheet somewhere or if there've been some kind of closed-door secret negotiations.

Perhaps there really is a chance of world peace.


  1. It appears they are adopting Harry's nap schedule; morning nap, mid morning nap, late morning nap, afternoon nap, mid afternoon nap, late afternoon nap with between nap naps as necessary.

  2. Psst! There ARE sign-in sheets. All kitties know this.

  3. There must be sign-in sheets to keep peace.

  4. They’ve signed a time-share agreement...

  5. wow - a nice comfy chair and an awesome view....we would never leave that spot

  6. I don't know. Waffles "scream" is pretty good.

  7. Those are big yawns ! It looks like you found a secret agreement to occupy the ottoman and the top of the back cushion. Purrs

  8. dood...screem ore knot we iz crackin up at yur last fotoz !

    { dai$y to tuna....did you just hear something }

    { tuna ta dai$y...eye did knot heer wafflez screem kleer all de way ta trout towne ...thatz like 5,921 milez ....good one dood ;) ♥

  9. What an amazing view...and how nice that Waffles and Katie share it.

  10. A nice place to share. Peace will come only if they are both on the top or the cushion together.

  11. Timeshare is a practice used in many multicat homes. Katie yawned it better, bee tee dubs. ;)

  12. Sorry Waff...I believe Katie won the yawn contest!


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