Friday, March 2, 2018

Sheer Fun For Cats™ Featuring Waffles the Supermodel Mancat

WAFFLES:  Check it out, Boss! I'm a SUPERMODEL!

KATIE:  Supermodel? Just because Glogirly takes about a billion photos of us every week, that doesn't make you a supermodel. If anyone's a supermodel–

WAFFLES:  This is totally a Supermodel pose! The ladies are going to go WILD!

WAFFLES:  One of my Supermodel secret powers is making myself invisible. See?

KATIE:  Oh, I see alright.

Sheer Fun For Cats™ 
We are super excited to tell you about an awesome new toy called Sheer Fun For Cats. We learned about it two years ago when Glogirly started working with Sheer Fun's founder, Carolyn Keene. 

Carolyn hired Glogirly to help with the logo and packaging and we were one of the very first official testers! Since then Carolyn has become one of Waffles' fangirls and she and Glogirly have become great friends.
The idea for Sheer Fun came to Carolyn when she was working as a professional cat sitter. So many of her kitty clients seemed to be bored with their same old toys. Sparkle balls would lose their allure and catnip mice would gather dust in a corner while cats lost interest.

Carolyn wanted to create a toy that would ignite a cats natural instincts to:
and Pounce!

The toy includes a durable sheer fabric panel with CRINKLE EDGES (yay!), pre-affixed Velcro tabs to attach to the underside of a table and a Merino wool toy called a Fancy Felt. 

But it can be used in SO many ways beyond hanging from a table. In fact, Sheer Fun breathes new life into all of our old toys. We feel like we hit the cat toy jackpot!

SO Many Ways to Play
We've tucked ours under chair cushions, draped it over scratchers and boxes, attached it to our cat tree...we've even draped it right over Waffles. He LOVES hiding and twirling under it. Like so many cats, he likes hiding under something semi-transparent. He can see us, but thinks no one can see him. But please don't tell him. We'd hate to burst his theory of invisibility bubble. LOL!

You can see Sheer Fun For Cats in action on KICKSTARTER. The cat videos are SO much fun! 
And if you hurry, you can be among the first to back the project and get a Sheer Fun toy for your cat. 

Kickstarter is a global crowdfunding platform that helps bring creative projects, like Sheer Fun For Cats, to life. Backers risk nothing and have an opportunity to not only get an awesome product at a below market price, but they help creative small business owners like Carolyn succeed. It's a win-win-win. You win, Carolyn wins and your CAT wins! 

We hope you'll take a  peek at all the fun the cat testers have had with Sheer Fun and consider backing our friend's campaign so your kitties can join in on the fun too.

KATIE:  Ok, is it MY turn now?

FTC Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Sheer Fun For Cats™, which means that we were paid to create and feature this content. Regardless of the payment received, we only feature products and services we use and/or feel would be relevant to our readers.


  1. How fun is this? Tell Carolyn we wish her LOTS of luck (and funding) on her Kickstarter!

  2. mom is pretty excited about this....

  3. What a fun idea. Waffles we think you're a super model. Hugs and Purrs.

  4. It does look like a lot of fun.

  5. This looks like so much fun! We would definitely love this.

  6. We would love this! It's like tissue paper that doesn't get destroyed after awhile. :)

  7. Now that looks like a lot of fun! We would love to own one.

  8. That looks like fun!
    Have a wonderful Sunday...

    Noodle and crew

  9. Whoa! Just like tissue paper but unrippable!

  10. Waffles was told that he could be anything that he wanted to be, so he's chosen Supermodel! Nuthin' wrong with dat!


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