Monday, March 19, 2018

It's Thundersnowing!

 WAFFLES:  Did you hear that, Boss?

KATIE:  Hear what?


KATIE:  That? That's just a little thundersnow.

WAFFLES:  But thunder doesn't snow. 

WAFFLES:  And snow doesn't thunder. 

Colorado Thunder Snow
It was an all-cats-in-their-sleepypods-NOW Sunday. One thing we've learned living in the mountains is that the weather is anything but predictable. One minute it's blue skies and sunshine and the next it's full on blizzard. Sunday surprised us even more.

Have you ever heard of Thunder Snow? At about 4:00 in the afternoon, the skies turned white, the thunder started booming, the lightening started crackling, and down came a crazy storm of tiny white pellets. Not hail, not really snowflakes either.

It didn't last long before it transitioned into a regular snowstorm. With Colorado's snowpack at a record low, we're doing our snowdance daily. Though we've been enjoying some springlike weather this winter, on the flipside that puts us at a much higher risk of wildfires.


But maybe hold on the thunder.


  1. I've heard of thundersnow, but neither me nor my human have experienced it! I'm kind of glad. But it's good you are getting served up some of the white stuff. We sure know about wildfires here where we live.

  2. We had a bit of thundersnow with one of the recent nor'easters. I thought it was just New Jersey weather weirdness, a regular thunderstorm that got caught out in the cold. I was at work then, so my kitties may have been spared. I know some of them definitely don't like thunder.

  3. That stuff is called graupel I used to call it popcorn snow until I was told what it really is. It happens quite frequently:
    The thunder snow less so.

  4. We’ve had thunder during a snow here too. Don’t know about graupel. We’re looking forward to spring here.

  5. Momma says she's heard it when she lives in Boston. Not me.

  6. We get lots of thunder here, so much that we aren't even alarmed by it any more. Not even Newton, who used to hide from it. But snow... that's another story! We hope you get plenty more snow, but not so much thunder, to help you get enough moisture to get through your dry season. Wildfires happen here, too, and they're scary!

  7. Never heard of thundersnow. Hope the kitties didn't get to scared. Have a great week.
    Sue B

  8. We have heard of thundersnow! We would have thought that Minnesota cats would be used to that kind of thing!

  9. We never heard of thundersnow, but that sounds scary. Purrs

  10. Thundersnow? That's a new one for us!

  11. Stay inside during thunder snow. Snow conducts lightning better than rain, more likely to get electrocuted. We don't want fried humans or kits.

  12. oh goodness...I bet Glogirly was scared too!

  13. Yep, have heard thundersnow a few times, but sorta wish I'd never hear it again! Stay safe up there in the mountains, kitties!


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