Friday, January 12, 2018

She's Got the Look

KATIE:  Perhaps if I look extra beautiful, my breakfast will be extra big.

WAFFLES:  Yeah, good luck with that, Boss. Glogirly's got those measuring cup things. And she says she knows how to use them.

KATIE:  Perhaps if I look extra desperate, my breakfast will be extra big.

WAFFLES:  Seriously, Boss. I've totally tried that–

KATIE:  Watch and learn, Waffles.

KATIE:  Watch and learn.

Katie's Still Got Game
Waffles has a personality larger, and often louder, than life. He's not afraid to meow or even yowl for whatever he wants. Subtley is simply not in his vocabulary.

Katie, on the other hand, might be quiet and demure on the outside, but inside she knows JUST how to get what she wants. Whenever she wants. Just one more reason we call her, The Boss.


  1. I think Binga has been to the Waffles school of meal requesting.

  2. Jonah has been to Waffles’ school..... Vashti has been to Katie’s school!

  3. I guess Mom is a real sucker 'cuz no matter what look we give her, she caters to our wants. I would say we did an excellent job training her. MOL!
    Stereo purrs..........Hemingway and Steinbeck

  4. Katie, we are impressed by how in charge you always are. You make it look so easy! PS: Toby is at the vet today for his dental procedure.

  5. Of course it worked. We know how that went! Waffles needs to watch and learn...

  6. Lugosi starts around 6 pm, telling me to look at how the weight is just falling off him, and I better hurry with the food before he starves to death. You might want to try that, Waffles!

    1. Whoops, that's 4 pm, not 6. In the morning he cries at my bedroom door until I get up.

  7. "Glogirly's got those measuring cup things. And she says she knows how to use them." LOL! Good line, Waffles!

  8. Katie does have the way to wrap Glogirly around her paw. Gloman too.

  9. Katie absolutely has got it!
    Have a wonderful weekend...

    Noodle and crew

  10. Maybe you two need to swap out the measuring cups for bigger ones


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