Friday, November 10, 2017

We're Off to See the Wizard Cat

WAFFLES:  Hey Boss? Are we off to see the wizard guy?

KATIE:  Only if you can follow the yellow brick road.

WAFFLES:  I don't know where that is. Should we stop and ask for directions?

KATIE:  What kind of mancat are you? Can't you just google-map it?

WAFFLES:  Can't you just click your heels?

KATIE:  Waffles, that only works in the movies.  Better check for road construction and flying monkey delays while you're at it, or we'll never get there.

off to see the wizard,
the Wonderful Wizard of CATS.

We hear he is a wiz of a cat, 
if ever a wiz there was.

If ever, oh ever a wiz there was, 
the Wizard of Cats is one because,

Because, because, because, because, BECAUSE!!!!

Because of the–

WAFFLES:  Uh... because of what?

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You know how when you open up Facebook each day and a memory pops up from that same day one, two, three etc, years ago? Well this morning our Wizard of Oz movie spoof popped up and we got to thinking how much fun we had creating these posts and graphics. When we checked it out on our blog, we saw that we'd published EIGHTY tv and movie spoofs over the years!

So we thought it would be fun to bring some of them back. Especially since Waffles plays such a great Cowardly Lion. We know you probably think that given his wild and crazy personality, Waffles would be a very brave lion. Truth be told, Katie is far more courageous than Waffles. Waffles talks a big talk, but he's often the first to scamper under the bed or behind the green curtain.

We hope you enjoyed today's spoof. We'll bring more back, often with new dialogue and new songs.

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  1. OMC Waff in the ruby slippers!

  2. Yay! How fun that you're bringing some of these back - we enjoyed them, even if my human did miss some of the TV jokes. (Fortunately, she's seen the Wizard of Oz like a billion times.)

  3. Waffles as the Cowardly Lion!?!?! * falls of chair in fits of giggles *

  4. Mol! Vashti is the cowardly lion in our house.

  5. Great idea to bring them back! This one was priceless!

  6. no Waffles....don't look behind the curtain!! :)

  7. We're looking forward to seeing your next Movie & TV spoofs, it's so much fun ! Purrs

  8. Amazing cheered up my day. Waffles and Katie look super purrfect.x

  9. Oddly, it's the same here. My big tough orange man is the first to hide, while my tiny tabby ladycat is much, much braver.

  10. Katie, those blue bows on your ears are adorable! Waffles is the PURRfect Cowardly Lion; he's too nice to be mean!

  11. We love Waffles in the ruby slippers. :)


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