Friday, September 22, 2017

Guest Room Aftermath

KATIE:  It's about time. Once again this blue chair is mine, all mine.

WAFFLES:  I kind of liked hanging out with Miss Laura in her bed. She smells nice. 

KATIE:  Seriously,'ll sleep with anyone. 

WAFFLES:  Not anyone, Boss. I still haven't slept with you.

KATIE:  In your dreams, Waffles. 

And my nightmares. 

About Today's Photos
We said goodbye to our friend Miss Laura, a.k.a Z-Girl from Squeedunk Cats this morning. When Glogirly got home from dropping her at the airport, both Katie and Waffles were sleeping peacefully in her room. Curled up in the blankets sheets. Pretty sure Katie was claiming her territory back, but Waffles was clearly wondering where his new sleeping pal had gone. 

A fabulous time was had by all! And though we don't have photographic proof, nor do we expect you to even believe us - Katie allowed Z-Girl three brief pets. This makes Z-Girl one of only two people other than immediate family to ever make physical contact with Katie. And one of those two was the vet, so that hardly counts!

WAFFLES:  Z-Girl! Where are you??? 


  1. Poor Waffles. Katie is so discriminating. Waffles is a slut. What a pair

  2. Laura must be very special indeed for Katie to allow pets!

  3. Ah Waffles you are such a stud!! Katie you tell him! I don't think you'll let any cat sleep with you anyway. You are the Queen of that blue chair. Claim it girl!! Xo. P.s. Waffles I would sleep with you morning, day and night! All your nap times. You are such a cutie!!

  4. Good for you, Katie, getting your chair back. Laura must be very special. Waffles, you love everyone!

  5. poor Waffles....unloved and left alone MOL

  6. Katie...are you softening with age? ;)

  7. Waffles! I'm back in the Warehiuse apartment! I loved having you as my pal while I was visiting! And I've told everyone that I pet beautiful Katie....Thank you for sharing your home with me, I had such a wonderful vacation. Hoping I am invited back, and Waffls--you know why I could be in time out with Gloman...I won't tell, if you won't. How do we keep Glogirly quiet?

  8. What-ooh! I read Squeedunk Cats and Z-Girl's comment above...Waffles, you are going to earn a reputation as a lothario!

  9. Katie, you are like I am. Company comes and I go hide!

  10. Laura must be a very special lady for being allowed to pet you, Katie ! Purrs

  11. "Oh, Meow!"
    I'd say; "Oh, snap" but cat's have no thumbs...

    Noodle and crew

  12. You are lucky. I live in Massachusetts and it was 92 today and tommorow it will be the same! Id rather have cold weather.


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