Monday, June 19, 2017

Cat Daddy Time

WAFFLES:  Us men have to stick together. 

You know, to do man stuff like online shopping for, well... man stuff.

KATIE:  Yeah well don't blow your allowance all one website, Waffles.

WAFFLES:  Allowance? You get an allowance, Boss?

KATIE:  What do you think, Gloman? Should I tell him I get an allowance or not?

WAFFLES:  Gloman? Does the Boss really get an allowance?  Because I could really use an allowance too. I could– Wait. What's an allowance?

KATIE:  What's that? The less he knows the better? 

WAFFLES:  What about my nose?

Happy Cat Daddy's Day
Today's photos are from Father's Day last year because our Gloman was 900 miles away in Minneapolis yesterday. But come Friday, our favorite Cat Daddy will be jetting to Colorado for a 4th of July visit. We'll all be doing our happy dance.

Waffles will be curling up on his lap every time he sits down for more than 60 seconds and Katie will be tipping over on her side for a tummy scratch a dozen times a day.

For all of you lucky cats with Cat Daddies in your life, we hope you enjoyed a wonderful Father's Day. And to all those Cat Daddies out there - thank you so much for sharing your hearts and homes with your furry family members.


  1. I'm sure Gloman will have an awesome belated Fathers Day with you kitties!

  2. That a beautiful post. Cat Daddies are special cuz I have one too, and he's pretty special. Happy Father's Day Gloman.

  3. These are such heartwarming photographs. Happy Father's Day to Gloman.
    Maggie, Mickey Mouser and Rufus the Red

  4. Every day is Father's Day when Gloman is around! We just know you are counting the days.
    Stereo purrs..........Hemingway and Steinbeck

  5. Waffles and Katie are lucky for such a good cat daddy!

  6. Glad Gloman will be back soon for more cuddles and tummeh tickles.

  7. YAY for Gloman!! We just love that man's smile!!!!!!! He has the KINDEST eyes EVER! He just radiates warmth and love! Soooooooo happy he is coming to visit soon! catchatwithcarenandcody

  8. Such adorable snuggle-bunny photos! Happy Father's Day (even if I'm a day late...)

  9. We hope Gloman had a great Cat Daddies' Day despite being so far away.

  10. WE can imagine all the fun when Gloman comes home to you kitties and mum :)
    You also have us all curious about this allowance thing.
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  11. I'm sure the kitties will be happy to see Gloman! We know Glogirly will be pretty happy, too.

  12. Happy Belated Father's Day to Gloman!

  13. They may be last years photos, but they still speak volumes! Both Kitties love and are loved bu Gloman

  14. We enjoyed seeing those sweet photos again. Happy belated Father's Day to Gloman ! Purrs


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